Supreme Champion 2022

The calculations for the 2022 Cambridgeshire Supreme Champion have been done. Congratulations to Phil Barnard for his four consecutive win! Full details here.

Coincidentally, the same number of Cambridgeshire shooters (168) took part this year as last year in the championships that go towards the title:

Cambridgeshire All Round Championship 2022

Northampton Shooting Ground, 24th July

It was a bright, sunny day with a bit of a hefty wind, which made for some interesting, wind affected targets. 

We also some new faces trying the discipline, which was great to see. 

The targets were great and the Sporting layout made for some fast, challenging targets. 

Thank you to Northampton Shooting Ground for a good competition. 

The results are as follows: 

Overall Champion: Philip Barnard – 93

Veteran Champion: Jem Knight – 83

Senior Mens Champion: Robert Allen – 82

Colts Mens Champion: Maximus Allen – 65

Ladies Champion: Amelia Streeter-Smith – 71

Full results for the day here

Cambridgeshire Sportrap Championship

4th July 2022 at East of England Shooting Ground

After a mostly warm day, the Cambridgeshire County Sportrap Championship is now finished. We would like to thank everyone who came and supported the Cambridgeshire CPSA event. We saw some excellent shooting across all classifications, with some big scores being put in throughout the day. A special mention goes out to Darren Stanford, shooting a very impressive 98 ex 100 to win overall high gun for Cambridgeshire and for the day.

Cambridgeshire Sportrap Winners

Overall high gun goes to Darren Stanford with an inspired 98

Top Senior goes to Taylor Hedgecock with a score of 94

Top Colt was won by Max Allen with a score of 72

Top Junior was taken by Connor Hodson with a score of 77

Top Veteran was won by Tony Leonard with a score of 87

There were no Ladies entrants this time.

Congratulations to all!

Thank you to East Of England Shooting Ground for hosting a great event! Full scores here.

Cambridgeshire Sporting Championship 2022

East of England Shooting Ground, 12th June 2022

It was a bright and sunny day with a nice breeze to cool the sun! The competition was fierce with good scores coming in throughout the day, the course was technical and had something for everyone!

There was a total of 176 entries with over 70 being from Cambridgeshire.

OverallMichael Fryer96
Vets’ and Mens’Mark Bowes92
Ladies’Georgia Moule87
Juniors’Connor Hudson76
ColtsMaximus Allen58
AAMark Bowes92
AMichael Fryer96
BClive Norman81
CRichard Ratford77

Full scores here

Thank you to all who came and especially the team at East of England Shooting Ground for putting on a fantastic shoot!

Our next championship is this Sunday 19th June, Single Barrel at The Priory CTC

Cambridgeshire DTL Championship 2022

Priory Clay Target Centre, 15th May 2022

There were some decent scores on the board, and Philip Barnard drew level with Steve Kirby on a 93 to force a shoot off!

During a tense round Phil dropped two barrels. Steve went on to drop a whole target. Phil barrelled another one, and at the end of the round it was level again! 

They then went on to a single barrel shoot off and Steve came out on top with a straight 25 whilst Phil dropped 2 to end on 23. 

The final results were as follows.

Overall ChampionSteve Kirby98/293+24/92+25
Mens’ ChampionPhil Barnard100/293+25/92+23
Vets’ ChampionSteve Eley97/285
Ladies’ ChampionFran Jacobs82/228
AASteve Kirby98/293
AChris Morris98/291
BGary Thatcher93/264
CBruce Cain95/279

[Webmaster] An honourable mention also goes to Richard Morris for 100/289

Well done to all who came and thank you the team at the Priory for putting on a good shoot!

Full results here