Taylor Hedgecock (10).
88 in ESK
Cambs Colt Champ.

Welcome to the new-look 2009 website for the Cambridgeshire Clay Pigeon Shooting Association. The CPSA is the official English governing body of the sport of shooting clay targets with shotguns. As well as a national headquarters organisation, the CPSA has regional and county organisations to support and promote the sport and the members of the organisation.

The 2010 site is live - click here! Once various bits of the internet catch up, you will be taken there by default if you select but for the next day or two you may need to click on this link

The 2010 County AGM is at a NEW VENUE! Willingham Social Club, Fen End, Willingham, CB24 5LH
18th January, 7.30pm for an 8pm start.

Apologies for the garbled table of members of the Cambridgeshire Team in 2009 in the Jan/Feb edition of Pull! For a correct list, please see here.

The champion of champions is now over - official announcement of the results and trophy presentation at the AGM!

News last updated - 1st November - Olympic Trap.

Jake Moore Jake Moore

Jake Moore (14). 67 in ESP. Cambridgeshire Colt Champion