2019 Fixtures

The outgoing committee have been working hard in the background to get the fixtures for 2019 sorted out early to avoid clashes. This set of fixtures is at the draft stage. We will endeavour to firm them up as soon as possible.

ESK English Skeet Eriswell Lodge 3rd March 7th July (Nottingham) 20th October (Dartford)
AR All Round Cambridge GC 10th March 25th August (Eriswell) 22nd September (Northampton)
DTL Down The Line Cambridge GC 17th March 4th August (Nottingham) 29th September (Northampton)
ABT Automatic Ball Trap Cambridge GC 20th & 21st April 27th October (Nottingham) 13th October (Nuthampstead)
ESP English Sporting Cambridge GC 2nd June 7th & 8th September (Sporting Targets) 5th & 6th October (Honesberie)
STR Sportrap Cambridge GC 21st July N/A
FITASC FITASC Highwaymans 17th & 18th August 14th & 15th September (Highwaymans)
DR Double Rise Cambridge GC 18th August N/A
SB Single Barrel Cambridge GC 15th September N/A
OT Olympic Trap Nuthampstead 14th April N/A
UT Universal Trench Nuthampstead 16th March N/A
SKD Skeet Doubles Eriswell Lodge N/A
OSK Olympic Skeet The Priory 18th May N/A
ZZ ZZ – Helice Rugby 28th April (Rugby)