Cambridgeshire Sporting Championship 2022

East of England Shooting Ground, 12th June 2022

It was a bright and sunny day with a nice breeze to cool the sun! The competition was fierce with good scores coming in throughout the day, the course was technical and had something for everyone!

There was a total of 176 entries with over 70 being from Cambridgeshire.

OverallMichael Fryer96
Vets’ and Mens’Mark Bowes92
Ladies’Georgia Moule87
Juniors’Connor Hudson76
ColtsMaximus Allen58
AAMark Bowes92
AMichael Fryer96
BClive Norman81
CRichard Ratford77

Full scores here

Thank you to all who came and especially the team at East of England Shooting Ground for putting on a fantastic shoot!

Our next championship is this Sunday 19th June, Single Barrel at The Priory CTC

Cambs Sporting Cambridge Gun Club 12th & 13th September 2020

Well we’ve had a busy weekend this week; the Cambridgeshire sporting at Cambridge Gun Club (CGC) Sat and Sun. Both really nice, warm, sunny days – perfect for shooting clays. Thanks to CGCfor putting it on for us and to all the refs that helped out over the weekend. Lots of people from all counties came to support the event, so thanks go to all who shot. Hope you all enjoyed it whatever you scored.

County champion T Hedgecock  95 + AAclass

Men’s champion PC Simpson  91

Veterans’ champion PC Simpson  91

Ladies’ champion G Moule  85

Juniors’ champion A Hedgecock  81

Colts’ champion MR Allen 80

A class AP Tyte

B class JB Hedgecock

C class MR Allen