Cambridgeshire Single Barrel 2021

Hi all,

So that’s the Single Barrel for another year done and dusted

Thanks go to Priory CTC for holding it for us again,

It was a fair day for the Fens a little bit of a breeze on the odd occasion, but grey clouds are all around us and every now and again just a slight bit of misty rain. But not as bad as forecast for the day.

County ChampionPhil Barnard93 (on countback)
Men’sM Sheldrake93
Veterans’T Jones83
Ladies’H Whiten72
Colts’E Lord77

Both E Lord and H Whiten also managed to win at the East Midlands DTL held at Northampton today – well done both.

Also thanks for all who shot today to support Cambridgeshire.

Phil Barnard

Cambridgeshire OSK Champs 2021

Held at the Priory on 18th July 2021, report from Tim Jones:

Cambridgeshire Champion – Chris Cheng 35ex50 on countback.

Veteran’s Champion [oh, so close: webmaster]– Tim Jones 35ex50

Thanks to the Priory for holding it, and the scorer for their patience.

Chris Cheng

Cambridgeshire FITASC Championships 2021

11th July 2021, Eriswell Lodge

Well that’s the FITASC done for this year. Thanks to Eriswell for holding it for us as well as for Suffolk and Norfolk. A fair turn out of shooters on the whole, not such a good turn out for Cambs, but thanks go to the ones that turned up and shot. Also thank you to the scorers and staff – always got a smile on their faces and seem pleased to see you there.

County ChampionP C Simpson90
Men’s ChampionP Mastroeni89
Vet’s ChampionBJ Dunbavin88

No ladies or juniors or colts.

Full results here.

Peter Simpson, FITASC Champion 2021

Cambridgeshire AGM Postponed!

Due to the current government guidelines and the uncertainty concerning the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, the Cambridgeshire CPSA has taken the difficult decision to postpone the Annual General Meeting until later in the year.

Whilst we appreciate this is short notice, we believe this is the right and responsible action to take, for the safety of our shooters and their families during this exceptional time.

We will provide further updates as soon as the government guidelines are updated and will advise on the revised date for for the Annual General Meeting.

Thank you in advance for your patience.

Team Managers

The annual task of co-ordinating teams for the intercounty matches is underway, and here are the managers for the teams:

English SkeetRoger Fletcher
FITASCAshley Smith
English SportingHanna Hall
SportrapAmelia Smith
All RoundPhilip Barnard
HeliceTim Jones
ABTTim Jones
DTLTim Jones

Cambridgeshire UTR 2021

Today the committee were at Nuthampstead Shooting Ground for our Cambs Universal Trench competition.

It was very cloudy and dreary all day, but staff and shooters alike were enthusiastic for the day ahead – a long day ahead!

Here are the results from our shoot today

Champ: G Russo (90)

Ladies: S Christensen (87)

Men’s & Vets: C Cheng (83)

Congratulations to our winners and well shot everyone.

Our thanks as always go to Nuthampstead for hosting this event.

Report from Hanna Hall.

Full results on the CPSA website.

John Russo & Sarah Christensen

Cambridgeshire English Sporting 2021

Hello everyone! Hope you are all well.

Sunday 6th June, we headed to Cambridge Gun Club for our Cambridgeshire Sporting competition. The day started warm and cloudy but around lunchtime the sun came out full force to provide the shooters with a bright and clear day. With 140 entries for the day, it was going to be a very busy day. I was refereeing on stand 11 (the grouse stand) so got to see everyone as they came through. After a slow start, squad 1 finally reached me shortly before midday. Most shooters were in high spirits and I had a good number of maximum scores on my stand (two drivens), however, I had heard ‘on the grape vine’ that stand 12 was causing all sorts of difficulties, and scores were mostly low for the stand. Some of our Cambridgeshire team had to drop out from stand 10 to return to Eriswell for their shoot offs, after having shot amazingly well there.

Our thanks go to Cambridge Gun Club for their hard work in holding this big event.

Here are the Cambridgeshire winners for the ESP in 2021:

ChampionD Stanford91
MensS Harrup91
VetsPC Simpson89
LadiesAmelia Smith72
ColtsE Lord61
(ex76 – BO Skeet shoot-off!)
AAD Stanford91
AS Harrup91
BAJ Stronge84
CCV Vail75

Congratulations, well shot everyone!

Report from Hanna Hall, Cambs Sporting Team Manager.

Full results from the CPSA website here.

Supreme Champion 2021 is now live…

With four of the nine disciplines completed, and the fifth in progress as I type, the 2021 Supreme Champion with some familiar names near the top – although last year’s 10th place is currently running in 2nd, only 2 points behind the leader. See the details here (apologies for the formatting of the table, I’ll try to get that sorted when I update it with the ESP results)

Cambridgeshire ZZ Helice Champs

Hi all,

Well we went to Rugby for the intercounties, Cambridgeshire, and East Midlands Helice, a good entry but only 4 teams were entered,

The day started a little cool at first, but soon brightened up and we had a hot and sunny day. There was a slight wind but in the right direction for shooting Helice.

The team were all a little bit rusty and all made the odd mistake and lost targets, but it was enjoyable.

The big surprise came from Chris Hall – he wanted to come and try this new sport of Helice that he’d never seen or shot before… and shot an almost perfect score 23/24 and in so doing took the Cambridgeshire championship. A new convert to the discipline, me thinks?

Cambs ChampionC Hall23
Senior Mens’A Smith20
Veterans’T Jones18
Ladies’J Bell17

Our thanks go to the team from Rugby for setting it all up and looking after us all day.

Chris Hall, County Champion

Report: Tim Jones