11th/12th August 2018 – Cambridgeshire All Round – Cambridge GC

Both days were much the same weather wise and we got away without any rain which was a result as most of the country did get wet.

Tony Randal (L) and Jason Pereira (centre)
Amelia Smith

This shoot clashed with the Inter counties Skeet at Northampton, so unfortunately we did lose some entries, but never the less we had a good few shooters and the standard was top notch.  On the Saturday, Philip Barnard went home with a 92.  Having spoken to him he felt he should have done better, and that proved to be the case as on the Sunday David Hewitt Hulin also shot a 92.  As Philip was flying the flag for the county at Northampton he couldn’t get back for a shoot off, giving David the well earned title of County Champion.  The Vets title was also a very close affair with 5 shooters within 1 target, with Richard Croft coming out on top.  For Amelia Smith, it is her first year as a competitor and in fact she hasn’t been shooting a year yet, so she will be happy with the County Ladies Championship to take home. Results are:

David hewitt Hulin & Carol Adams
Mark Adams AR 2018

County Champion David Hewitt Hulin 92

Ladies Champion Amelia Smith 67

Vets Champion Richard Croft 83

Colts Champ Samuel Halls 78

AA Class Chris Morris  80

A Class Mark Adams 90

B Class Philip Barnard 92

C Class Jason Pereira  85


28th/29th July 2018 – Cambridgeshire FITASC – Grimsthorpe SG

This weekend was when the wind and gales started and some shoots were called off, but not the Cambridgeshire FITASC, being run not for the first time at the lovely Grimsthorpe Estate Shooting Ground.  We are used to wind here in the east so the weekend was as we expected.  Bearing in mind the weather, some very good shooting took place.  Our Mark Stevenson shot a 78 followed very closely by Dan Mawby,  recently being upgraded to senior category as his age determined.  Performing well, Dan is picking up wins where ever he travels.  Dan shot 76. The top Vet was Tony Leonard with a 74. Unfortunately, no Ladies or Juniors entered this year, but 14 Cambs shooters entered in total.  So many thanks lads for flying the flag.  Thank you also to everyone at Grimsthorpe for holding the event.

29th July 2018 – Cambridgeshire UT – Nuthampstead SG

Well folks Another weekend another Championship this time it’s the Universal Trench being held at Nuthampstead Shooting ground in Herts. This ground is always worth a visit, I have been going there for more years than I care to remember, in fact since its start.  We are very lucky to have it within reach of the Cambs shooters to enable us to hold our Championships every year.  When I arrived, it was packed with shooters, not just for the UT, as it was also the South East Intercounties shoot, but they were also holding a sporting shoot on the other ranges.

Graham Carter Winner of vet’s and Cambs OT Champion 2018

And to the nitty gritty.  The winner of the Cambridgeshire UT was Graham Carter who shot an 81.  This score was also shot by George Waller, who last time I saw him was a little lad, but not anymore, he was full grown and about 6ft 6 tall or more in fact I am sure I could see snow on his head.  Joking apart they both shot 81 but a technicality prevented them from having a shoot off.  So not only did Graham take the Cambs Championship he also took the Vets title.  Following close on his heels was Nick Evans (this year’s OT Champion), Peter Waller and John Russo (last year’s Champ).  The Ladies’ went to Michele Conway and not for the first time I might add, as her name was sprinkled all over the trophy having won it many times.

It was a good tough shoot as it was also the weekend of the gales.  Well shot to all who travelled and many thanks to the staff of Nutty Shooting ground.