Cambridgeshire DTL Championship 2022

Priory Clay Target Centre, 15th May 2022

There were some decent scores on the board, and Philip Barnard drew level with Steve Kirby on a 93 to force a shoot off!

During a tense round Phil dropped two barrels. Steve went on to drop a whole target. Phil barrelled another one, and at the end of the round it was level again! 

They then went on to a single barrel shoot off and Steve came out on top with a straight 25 whilst Phil dropped 2 to end on 23. 

The final results were as follows.

Overall ChampionSteve Kirby98/293+24/92+25
Mens’ ChampionPhil Barnard100/293+25/92+23
Vets’ ChampionSteve Eley97/285
Ladies’ ChampionFran Jacobs82/228
AASteve Kirby98/293
AChris Morris98/291
BGary Thatcher93/264
CBruce Cain95/279

[Webmaster] An honourable mention also goes to Richard Morris for 100/289

Well done to all who came and thank you the team at the Priory for putting on a good shoot!

Full results here