Cambs Sporting – 13th May – Cambridge GC

Right folks this is the one The Cambridgeshire sporting championship.

On rolling out of my bed Sunday 13th May I thought this is the day we all look forward to drawing back the curtains, I thought what rotten luck its dark, cloudy just like the forecast said but didn’t see any rain yet. Anyway, left home with all my waterproofs taking my camera and not my gun, thinking at least it won’t be wet in the club house.

Cambs ESP 2018

Getting to the ground still no rain in fact it looked a bit lighter, the club house was full of happy shooters all raring to get going and it wasn’t long before the time came and they started to make their way to the nominated stands to start.

Seeing the top man of the week Richard Bunning, making his way up the very high hill to start I decided to take my camera and go and join the squad.  That was an eye opener seeing him shoot the stand straight, a tricking rabbit going down the hill just in front and a long L to R looked miles away.  He did make them look easy and I thought I know who is going to be High Gun today.

I spent most of the day wandering about from stand to stand.  I watched a lot of top class shooting, it was a pleasure to be there.

I came across some squads of Colts who were for the first time shooting a new format of 50 targets for the Cambs Championship Trophy.  They could if they wished shoot the full 100 but the Championship was over 50 targets, this was a follow on from the training giving by Cambridge Gun Club working with the Cambs CPSA Committee.

Cambs ESP 2018

Seven Colts were in attendance.  As we were lucky to get even one in previous years it was good to see.  Well done to all Cambridgeshire new colts for entering the competition, great to see.

Out of the seven Colts Sam Halls came out on top shooting 40 from the 50 and with Ami Hedgecock breathing down his neck with a 37 the young lad became Cambridgeshire Colt Champion.  Not to be out done Ami carried on to finish with 69, taking the Cambridgeshire Ladies Championship from nine other ladies, so a well earned Championship for Sam and Ami.

If I reported on all the super shooting going on that day, it would take more than this magazine could cope with.

I came across, who seems to be, the Cambs permanent Champion.  He has won it so many times its remarkable.  He makes it look easy and I guess it perhaps is for him and if he could bottle it he would become a very rich man.  And so, Philip Gray shot 97 to become 2018 county Champion again. And as last year Justin Bladen was runner up and Senior Champion with a 93 also super shooting.

Michael Fryer went steadily on his way to a super 88 to take the Vets title. The juniors went to Taylor Hedgecock with a super 88 again top shooting worth going just to watch.

Phil Gray Cambs ESP 2018 Champion

Final Results :

Cambs Champion Philip Gray

Senior Champion Justin Bladen

Vets Champion Michael Fryer

Ladies Champion Ami Hedgecock

Junior Champion Taylor Hedgecock

Colts Champion Sam Halls

The classes AA Phil Gray  87

A   Justin Bladen  93

B   Chris Morris 89

C Mark Adams. 75.

Many thanks to Cambridge Gun Club for their support as usual.

Allan Wright

Cambs Single Barrel 3rd June 2018 Cambridge GC

Hi Folks, well a fairly quiet month was June but on the 3rd we held the Cambridgeshire Single Barrel Championship at Cambridge Gun Club.  A nice but cold day and a good few shooters taking part including a good size contingent from across the border in Suffolk.

As the day unfolded it seemed that last year’s winner with a 99, Steve Kirby, would not be taking the massive shield back home with him as Steve’s score of 93 was not quite enough. Tim Jones had shot a 94 not long after Richard Croft (the recently crowned Vets DTL Champion), had also recorded a 94.  At that point a shoot off was envisaged. Going steadily on the last squad was Steve Eley, who had every chance of beating the 94 until the last round which meant he finished on a steady 92.  So we did have a shoot off to look forward to!

Meanwhile we had an unusual thing, two colts from the training program organised by The Cambridge Gun Club & Cambs CPSA had entered, and usually we never get Colts shooting Single Barrel, so this was a first. So we had, Sam Halls, the Colts winner of the Cambridgeshire Sporting, who was changing disciplines and Ethan Lord, winner of the Colts Cambridgeshire DTL and so we had a competition in progress.  The DTL winner (Ethan Lord) came out on top so is now both Cambs DTL and Cambs Single Barrel Colt Champion.

As a side note, the Cambs DTL didn’t have a Colts Trophy, but Philip Barnard offered to buy one and have it in memory of Philip’s parents Linda & John Barnard.  His Dad (John), would have been known to many of you, having supported Cambridgeshire in shooting and in his work on Cambs CPSA committee over many years.


And so the shoot off………….. Tim Jones shot an excellent 24, beating Richard Croft by 3 points – Well done Tim!


Champion. Tim Jones   94

Vets Tim Jones             94

Ladies Hazel Whiten      89

Colts Ethan Lord           57


Many thanks to Cambridge GC for their hospitality.


Allan Wright

Inter-counties Cambridgeshire Skeet Team 12th August Northampton

The Cambs teams for the Inter-counties skeet at Northampton on the 12th August are as follows .
Peter Wright.John Russell. Roger Fletcher. Peter Cook.
Phil Barnard. Albert Taylor, Glen Mouldin, James Yarrow, Peter Gaskin.
Marcus Webb, Janet Maguire, Amelia Smith. Archie Bowman. Mandy Webb..
Ami Hedgcock, Taylor Hedgcock, Marcus Lord. Ethan Lord, Julian Berridge.

Chris Morris and Malcom Collins picking there own time

Team Manager Roger Fletcher.
Any mistakes Allan Wright

Inter-counties Sporting Team 5th August 2018 Highwaymans

The Cambs teams for the Intercounties Sporting to be held at Highwaymans on the 5th August are.
Senior Team: Phil Gray / Justin Bladen / Wayne Reeve /M King / Robert Allen / Mark Bowes / Graham Valentine /Daren Stanford.
Vets Team.
Brian Dunbavin / Michale Fryer / Dennis Pettett /A Corney/
Junior Team.
Taylor Hedgcock / Keiran Carter / Dan Mawby/
Ladies Team.
Ami Hedgcock / Mel Comyn Otter/ Amelia Smith / CA Lowrie.

No booking required, just turn up and shoot.

Will you please contact Allan Wright to confirm whether you are going or not .
01354 653290 .