AGM 2020

The date for the Cambs CPSA AGM is Thursday 16th January 2020  starting 19:00.

Venue: the Quy Mill Hotel Church Road Stow-cum-Quy Cambridge CB25 9AF

Bob Pitt

It is with great sadness that we have to report the recent death of Bob Pitt. He worked tirelessly for Cambridgeshire CPSA for many years and was the treasurer for over a decade. Our thoughts are with his family.

Cambs ZZ Helice Rugby & District Trap Club

That’s the last of Cambs championships done now it was a really dull and drizzly sort of day the light was a real problem for picking the targets out. There were only 4 Cambs turned out for this, but we had a good competition between ourselves. The outcome was decided on the last bird with Tim Jones missing the last bird for a shoot of for the title but left him in place for the vets on the same total as Jane Bell, who was the ladies title winner. As the light was now going to low we decided not to shoot off for the vets title and would share for this year.

Kevin Flitton, Tim Jones & Jane Bell winners ZZ 2019

K Flitton 21

T Jones   20J

Bbell       20

A Oakey  14

Thanks for all the staff at Rugby again for a well run shoot

National Intercounties DTL, Sywell 29th September 2019

Cambridge shooters had a good result at the nationals today at Northampton. 20 squads turned out a good result for the event. High gun vet R croft vets team winners R Croft/T Jones/ G Thatcher

Amelia Smith

Runner up ladies’ team A Smith and H Whiten. Junior runner up S Halls, unfortunately lost by default not being there for the shoot off. Martine would not let me shoot for him instead….I don’t blame her though. Thanks to Sywell for hosting the event.

T Jones , R Croft and G Thatcher

Cambs Single Barrel 15th September 2019 Cambridge Gun Club

It was a shame to say not many entries, but saying that there was a lot of shooting going on all over the country, so people were a little short on the ground. Hey ho, we just have such a busy season. Trying not to interfere with other shoots is very hard.

Sam Hall (Juniors) and Phil Barnard (Champion)

The day was a nice sunny day for the most part, a slight wind over the shoulder on occasions would just alter the odd bird enough to catch you out. Reasonable scores were coming in but the last squad went out with Philip Barnard in it and he shot 95 – the best score of the day by far. Enough to win the trophy for the second time in three years. Well done that man! The vets went to Richard Croft with an admirable 90. The juniors was won by Sam Hall with 82. No ladies contested it this year so the trophy is held in keeping for next year. Thanks to Cambridge Gun Club for their support and help in providing the venue for us again.

Philip Barnard EE3438995AASenior
Richard Croft EE10383990BVeteran
Timothy Jones EE2915188AAVeteran
Marcus Lord EE13871587ASenior
Chris Hall EE13382085u/cSenior
Gary Thatcher EE13691084BVeteran
Paul Ward EE4797683BSenior
Samuel Halls EE13917582CColt
Jolian Harrison EE14039682u/cSenior
Allan Wright EE10082BVeteran
Jamie Harding EE7220781ASenior
Corbie Barnard EE12037880CSenior
Christopher Morris EE10379176BSenior
David Ivey EE2747365BVeteran
Ethan Lord EE13871660CColt

National ESK Team Dartford 20th October 2019

Phil Barnard EE34389
Ashley Smith EE137766
Peter Wright EE48500
Albert Taylor EE118869
Marcus Lord EE138715
Gary Thatcher EE136910 (Veteran but shooting as a Senior)

Allan Wright EE100
Richard Croft EE103839
Peter Cook EE5051

Ami Hedgecock EE132337
Amelia Smith EE137858
Mandy Webb EE134056

Julian Berridge EE138382
Ethan Lord EE138716
Samual Halls EE139175

There are still 3 non-team places available should any one else wish to shoot. Please contact Roger Fletcher or Marcus Webb

National ABT Cambridgeshire Team Nuthampstead 13th October 2019 Times to be allocated

1 – Matt Sheldrake – 129704
2 – Paul Ward – 47976
3 – Chris Morris – 103791
4 – Ashley Smith – 137766
5 – Mark Adams – 126882
6 – Steve Eley – 125207

1 – Brian Dunbavin – 84275
2 – Peter Simpson – 8574
3 – Richard Croft – 103839

1 – Amelia Smith – 137858
2 – Claire Lowrie – 139131
3 – Sarah Christensen – 106394

Intercounties ABT Cambridgeshire Team Nottingham 27th October 2019


1 – Matt Sheldrake – 129704

2 – Paul Ward – 47976

3 – Chris Morris – 103791

4 – Ashley Smith – 137766

5 – Mark Adams – 126882

6 – Steve Eley – 125207


1 – Brian Dunbavin – 84275

2 – Peter Simpson – 8574

3 – Richard Croft – 103839


1 – Amelia Smith – 137858

2 – Hazel Whiten – 111933

3 – Sarah Christensen – 106394

Squad 1 – 12:40

1 Mark Adams

2 Ashley Smith

3 Amelia Smith

4 Brian Dunbavin

5 Peter Simpson

6 Sarah Christensen

Squad 2 – 13:00

1 Matt Sheldrake

2 Paul Ward

3 Chris Morris

4 Hazel Whiten

5 Steve Eley

6 Richard Croft

Intercounties FITASC

This weekend was the intercounties Fitasc Championship at Highwaymans shooting ground. There was good representation from the region’s teams.
Congratulations to our Seniors and Veterans teams who managed to win the titles.
Thank you to all of our shooters that took part.
Graham Valentine
Jamie Harding
Glen Spalding
Stephen Maylon
Mark Stephenson
Harry Seal

Brian Dunbavin and Peter Simpson taking a break
Graham Valentine receiving the intercounties winner’s trophy

Brian Dunbavin
Peter Simpson
Phillip Simpson
Peter Garrod
Amelia Smith

Thank you to you all and doing our county proud! Also thanks to The team at Highwaymans for putting on an enjoyable but challenging shoot!

We have your glassware here please contact Ashley Smith for collection.