Cambridgeshire All Round, 2nd April 2023

The Cambs Olympic Skeet and All Round have both taken place at Priory and I would like to thank Natasha, Aaron and staff for well run shoots and a warm welcome on what were all rather blustery and chilly days!

Congratulations to the A/R winners:

County Champion – Philip Barnard
Veterans – Tim Jones
Men’s – Steve Kirby
Ladies – Jane Bell
AA – Philip Barnard
A- Tim Jones
B – Chris Hall
C – Callum Luker

Full results here

Cambridgeshire All-Round 2021

Another great shoot today at Eriswell Lodge. The Cambridgeshire All Round Championship.

Phil and Corbie Barnard donated 100 cartridges for each category and class winners in memory

of Rod Gifford, possibly Cambridgeshire’s greatest all round shot.

The tricky sporting caught many shooters out with some lower scores than normal.

Our Champion this year and AA class winner is Darren Stanford with a magnificent score of 92 including 2 x 25 straights.

Senior Mens was S Smith on 86
Veterans was PC Simpsons on 85
Colts was Ethan Lord with 67
Ladies was Michelle Conway on 61
AA class winner is Darren Stanford
A Class Winner is Chris Morris
B Class Winner is Corbie Barnard
No C Class shooters

Well shot

All the above winners have won 100 cartridges those who did not collect can pick them up from Eriswell.

Many thanks to Eriswell for running and organising this event. Full results here on the CPSA website

Cambs All Round Championship 2020

Well that’s the last of the Cambridgeshire county shoots done for this year. We had a reasonable turn out even after the new lockdown rules that were just announced, and we were lucky to get all the shoots done this year. Thanks to Eriswell Lodge for putting this on for us. The day was a bit overcast and the wind played its part in the scores, and we even had a small amount of rain too.

ChampionPeter Simpson85
SeniorR Morris84
VeteranR Croft79
LadiesA Smith55
ColtE Lord70
Peter Simpson, All Round Champion 2020

And our thanks to all the shooters that have supported the county by attending the shoots all year thank you all.

Cambridgeshire All Round

April 15th & 16th The Cambridgeshire All Round Championship.
This is the second Championship of the year closely following on from the Olympic Skeet but as expected this one was much more popular with the Cambs faithful.
The All Round as per its title consists of some of the most popular CPSA disciplines:
  • Single Barrel, derived from DTL, but only one shot is permitted
  • ABT two shots are allowed but only scored as one point whatever shot hits the target
  • English Skeet; and
  • English Sporting,

and so the total is out of 100.

As we know the cream will always rise to the top, so even on a windy cold weekend, that was what happened with a score of 88: just 12 away can’t be bad. This is what Taylor Hedgecock shot, to become County All Round Champion. There was a chasing pack lead by last year’s Champion Philip Barnard who shot 87, how close is that?

The ladies went to Elizabeth Cook (last year’s Champion) and the Colts to Archie Bowman (again last year’s Champion). The Vets went to Gordon Webster showing his class, and the Juniors also went to Taylor Hedgecock.

Many thanks to Cambridge Gun Club for a very good enjoyable day.

[Thanks to Allan Wright for the report]

All Round Winners
Some of the All-Round winners, and the County Chair

Cambridgeshire results shown below.  Full results here

Hedgecock T 116977 Cambridgeshire 100 88 0 A JNR
Barnard PJ 34389 Cambridgeshire 100 87 0 A SNR
Adams M 126882 Cambridgeshire 100 85 0 C SNR
Bedford M 99093 Cambridgeshire 100 85 0 B SNR
Valentine GW 91250 Cambridgeshire 100 85 0 A SNR
Webster G 56662 Cambridgeshire 100 84 0 A VET
Morris R 111934 Cambridgeshire 100 83 0 A SNR
Mennie D 113616 Cambridgeshire 100 83 0 B SNR
Hewitt-Hulin DJ 67137 Cambridgeshire 100 80 0 AA SNR
Mawby D 125318 Cambridgeshire 100 80 0 A JNR
Jones T 29151 Cambridgeshire 100 80 0 A VET
Kirby S 95341 Cambridgeshire 100 79 0 AA SNR
Morris CAJ 103791 Cambridgeshire 100 79 0 A SNR
Dunbavin BJ 84275 Cambridgeshire 100 79 0 AA VET
Collins MD 111404 Cambridgeshire 100 79 0 A VET
Kester NG 73738 Cambridgeshire 100 77 0 A VET
Wan JWW 73955 Cambridgeshire 100 76 0 C VET
Stronge AJ 89952 Cambridgeshire 100 76 0 A VET
Eley S 125207 Cambridgeshire 100 76 0 C SNR
Nunn C 123558 Cambridgeshire 100 76 0 B SNR
Barnard C 120378 Cambridgeshire 100 75 0 C SNR
Wong WK 74081 Cambridgeshire 100 73 0 B SNR
Cook E 128251 Cambridgeshire 100 73 0 C LDY
Pereira J 128244 Cambridgeshire 100 73 0 C SNR
Jacobs BJ 56060 Cambridgeshire 100 71 0 C VET
Bailey J 133354 Cambridgeshire 100 69 0 B SNR
Pilcher KDA 128398 Cambridgeshire 100 68 0 C SNR
Whitworth M 134623 Cambridgeshire 100 67 0 C VET
Allen R 120278 Cambridgeshire 100 66 0 A SNR
Bowman A 132368 Cambridgeshire 100 66 0 C CLT
Randall TR 71003 Cambridgeshire 100 63 0 B VET
Manchett S 110886 Cambridgeshire 100 62 0 B SNR
Bowman N 32252 Cambridgeshire 100 59 0 SNR
Boatman RD 85857 Cambridgeshire 100 39 0 SNR