Cambridgeshire Sportrap 2023

The Cambridgeshire Sportrap went to East of England Shooting Ground on Sunday 10th September to complete the last of the county visits there for this year, and a wonderful hot sunny day it was until the prize giving then the heavens opened like you would not believe!

In the space of ten minutes hiding in the clubhouse the car park was flooded and most of the shooters for the sporting that were left were also very wet, but it almost stopped so they all went back out to finish off their round – well done all, 

There were some very testing targets on the Sportrap for many, but some seem to make it look easy. 

Well shot all who attended.

Overall ChampionG Spalding92
Veterans’M Bowes88
Mens’R Allen90
Ladies’J Williams55
Juniors’C Hodson75
Colts’M Allen82

Our thanks go to all the staff, course setters, and scorers for their hard work and patience with this sometimes frustrating discipline.

Full results here.

Cambridgeshire Double Rise 2023

Priory Shooting Ground, 3rd September

Well that’s yet another of the Cambridgeshire championships done for another year; the double rise was held today at The Priory, with a reasonable entry for a minority discipline. Most just shoot it for a bit of something different – it’s very fast and furious and all over in a very short space of time. Then comes the “how did I miss those they look so easy from here?”. 

Anyway thanks to all who came to enjoy the shoot on a really warm and sunny day. Great weather for shooting – a little hot for some, but better with a cold drink. Thanks go to John and Joe for sorting and scoring it all for us.

Cambridgeshire ChampionChris Morris93
Men’s ChampionRichard Morris91
Veterans’ ChampionJem Knight86
Ladies’ ChampionGeorgina Chamberlain72
Juniors’, Colts’Not contested

Full scores here.