Cambridgeshire Skeet 2023

The Cambridgeshire English Skeet championship was held at Priory Shooting Ground on 20 August and, despite clashing with the Ladies Football World Cup Final, attracted a good number of competitors. 

Competition was strong.  High gun was M Porter with 96/100. 

As he is not a Cambridgeshire shooter he was not able to take the Cambridgeshire Championship, but was the winner of the Bev Waller Cup which is presented to the high gun of the day. 

Six Cambridgeshire shooters shot 95/100 (!) and congratulations go to A Hallybone who won the shoot off for the championship and also took A class. 

Congratulations also go to the winners of the other categories and classes which were decided by countback where necessary: 

A Taylor – Men’s; 

A Wright – Veteran’s; 

K Moorbey – Ladies; 

E Lord – Junior’s and AA class; 

J Knight – B class; 

S Moorbey – C class. 

Well shot everyone. Thanks go to Natasha, John, referees and the other team members for all their hard work in running a successful shoot.

Full results here

EM Inter-Counties Skeet 2023

This weekend, 1st-2nd July, was the Inter-Counties English skeet at Eriswell Lodge.

Firstly a very big thank you to Eriswell, their staff and referees for a most successfully-run day.

It was a tough shoot with the wind conditions playing havoc for all shooters.

It was great to have new shooters representing the county with Adam Hallybone, Katie Moorbey (junior) and dad Stephen Moorbey all giving good accounts – with Stephen managing to come second in C class, even winning a few bob!

It was also great to have shooters back representing the county with John Russell scoring a very respectable 93/100 (despite not being in the team!).

Cambridgeshire Veterans came away winners in the vets class, missing from the photos is Allan Wright whom without his great score of 93/100 it would not have happened. [Webmaster: Tim’s being modest – his own 92 was also crucial!]

Thank you to all the Cambridgeshire shooters who turned out for the county today, you did us proud!

Report from Tim Jones.

Full individual results here, team results here (until overwritten by the 2024 result).

Cambridgeshire Lording it at the British Open Skeet!

Congratulations to Marcus and Ethan Lord, two Cambridgeshire shooters who took part in the British Open Skeet at Eriswell this weekend. They each shot their first ever 100-straights, and what a time to do it!

They deservedly took the Parent/Child category with 200ex200, unsurprisingly, but were then faced with shootoffs for the overall title and categories/classes, as two other shooters had also shot straights.

Ethan shot 100+25+14 to come second behind Tom Clifford’s 100+25+16. He also took the Juniors’ Category.

Marcus shot 100+24 to come third overall.

Fantastic shooting, the pair of you.

Full results here

2022 Skeet Championship – 1st May, Eriswell

Congratulations to all of our winners at today’s English Skeet Championship.

The weather stayed bright and dry with a light breeze across the layouts and some good scores were posted.

County ChampionShaun Smith97
Men’s ChampionMarcus Lord95
Veteran’s ChampionAlistair Green90
Ladies’ ChampionAmelia Streeter-Smith87
Colts’ ChampionEthan Lord95
A ClassShaun Smith97
B ClassMarcus Lord95
C ClassJohn Edwards85
Bev Waller (open to all counties)Stuart Smith99

Full results here

Thank you to all of the team at Eriswell Lodge for putting on a quality event and being great hosts!


English Skeet – Intercounties and World Skeet Masters

Team places have been reserved at Northampton on Sunday 11th September for the East Mids Intercounties Skeet. Our squad times are 10:00,10:20 and 10:40. Obviously team members shooting will be selected based on on the results of the Cambridge County Skeet competition on the 1st of May at Eriswell.

As the EM Intercounties clashes with the World Skeet Masters at Eriswell, these squad times give shooters the opportunity to shoot at Eriswell on the Saturday, shoot the I/C on Sunday morning, and be back to Eriswell if you are lucky/unlucky enough to be in a shoot-off 🙂

Good luck to all 👍

Roger Fletcher

Skeet manager

Success at the National Intercounties Skeet

Well done to all who competed this weekend in the National Inter-Counties English Skeet competition.

A massive achievement for Ross Elgie, Richard King and David Roling for all shooting 100/100, with David Roling winning the shoot off.

A further congratulations to:

Yorkshire for winning the Senior Team
Cambridgeshire for winning the Veteran Team
Cheshire for winning the Ladies Team
Hampshire for winning the Juniors Team

I would on a personal level like to congratulate Tim Jones and Peter Cook who took the Veterans Trophy for the second year in a row…. well shot both of you.

Also many thanks to Albert Taylor, James Yarrow, Gary Thatcher and Bob Eagle for competing for the Seniors Team with myself and all shot very well but were unlucky to not take the title this year. It was very difficult this year to even muster the two teams and many many thanks to those above for making the effort to travel to Bisley and shoot for the County, you guys all deserve a medal as far as I am concerned.

Again, thank you all.

Roger Fletcher
Skeet Team Manager

2021 Cambs English Skeet Championship

Held at Eriswell Lodge on Sunday 2nd May 2021

A beautiful day for the Cambs County ESK shoot at @Eriswell Lodge with plenty of sunshine and very little wind.

Our thanks go to all the staff and referees at Eriswell for putting on a seamless shoot despite their problems of uninvited guests just two nights ago.

The Bev Waller Trophy was won by John Glover with 99/100 who won the trophy on countback just pipping RP Jones and GA Turner.

Overall Cambs champion is Chris Morris with an excellent 98.

Men’s and Veteran’s Trophy was won by John Russell with 95 on countback.

Ladies was won by Amelia Smith with 89

Juniors by Ethan Lord with 91.

Class results are

AA Tim Jones 94

A Chris Morris 98

B John Russell 95

C Chris Hall 95

Well shot to all.

Thanks to all that attended and again thanks to

Eriswell Lodge Shooting Ground

for a well run shoot. Full results here on the CPSA website

I will be in contact with shooters in the near future to compile the Team for the Intercounties Skeet.

Roger Fletcher Skeet Team Manager

NIC Skeet Team Squads

Hi Folks, I am pleased to announce the Cambridgeshire Teams and shooting times for the National ESK competition at Northampton on Saturday 17th October 2020.
Michele Conway (L)
James Yarrow (S)
Gary Thatcher (V) B Team
Tim Jones (V)
Pete Cook (V)
Phil Barnard (S)
Marcus Lord (S)
Ethan Lord (J)
Ami Hedgecock (J)
Corbie Barnard (S) B Team
Albert Taylor (S) B Team
Roger Fletcher (V)
Julian Berridge (J)
Ashley Smith (S)
Richard Croft (V) B Team 
Paul Washington (S) B Team
Marcus Webb (V) B Team 
Mandy Webb (L)
If there any problems please contact me on 07860 813754.
Good luck to all the teams and I look forward to seeing you there.
Roger Fletcher  Skeet Team Manager


DTL 28/6/2020

Champion and A class S KIRBY

Steve Kirby, winner Cambs DTL 2020

Senior and AA class P J Barnard

Veterans R J Croft

Ladies H Whiten

Colts E Lord

B class J Harrison

C class G Thatcher

Sportrap 2/8/2020

Champion T Leonard  95

Veterans A Stronge  90

Ladies G Moule 87

Junior E Lord. 67

ESK  8/8/2020

Bev Waller cup

John Glover 100

Champion S Smith  98

Veterans P Cook  97

Senior CAJ Morris  96

Junior E Lord  96

Cambridgeshire Skeet

Day one of the County Skeet was a hot glorious day. However, there was nothing glorious about the very high winds causing some interesting targets. In spite of their erratic flight Albert Taylor put in an amazing first day score of 98 with Robert Allen and Peter Gaskin hot on his tail with 97’s.

Sunday morning dawned bright and cooler with a brisk wind increasing later into what one shooter said was a ‘mini hurricane’. Some great scores were shot by Peter Cook, Chris Morris, Malcolm Collins and Richard Morris, but nobody managed to pip our Albert’s score.

County Champion Albert Taylor (98) also won the Bev  Waller Trophy.
Senior Men’s: Peter Gaskin (97)
Ladies’ Champion: Janet Maguire (84)
Vets’ : Peter Cook (96)
Colts’ :  A. Bowman(92)
AA Class: R. Allen (97)
A Class: R. Morris (97)
B Class: P. Gaskin (97)
C Class: A. Bowman (92)

28 County Shooters braved the windy conditions so thank you and well done to all.

Our thanks also to Mick & Karen and their staff at Cambridge Gun Club for hosting yet another  of our County Championships.

Cambridgeshire results shown below, full results here.

Taylor A 118869 Cambridgeshire 100 98 0 A SNR
Morris R 111934 Cambridgeshire 100 97 0 A SNR
Allen R 120278 Cambridgeshire 100 97 0 SNR
Gaskin P 118880 Cambridgeshire 100 97 0 B SNR
Collins MD 111404 Cambridgeshire 100 96 0 A VET
Cook P 5051 Cambridgeshire 100 96 0 A VET
Morris CAJ 103791 Cambridgeshire 100 96 0 AA SNR
Kirby S 95341 Cambridgeshire 100 94 0 B SNR
Adams M 126882 Cambridgeshire 100 93 0 B SNR
Barnard PJ 34389 Cambridgeshire 100 93 0 A SNR
Bowman A 132368 Cambridgeshire 100 92 0 C CLT
Wright PR 48500 Cambridgeshire 100 92 0 A SNR
Moulding G 123498 Cambridgeshire 100 91 0 B SNR
Pilcher KDA 128398 Cambridgeshire 100 90 0 C SNR
Pereira J 128244 Cambridgeshire 100 90 0 C SNR
Valentine GW 91250 Cambridgeshire 100 89 0 B SNR
Jones T 29151 Cambridgeshire 100 88 0 A VET
Whitworth M 134623 Cambridgeshire 100 88 0 C VET
Webb M 132394 Cambridgeshire 100 88 0 SNR
Maguire JJ 52489 Cambridgeshire 100 84 0 C LDV
Randall TR 71003 Cambridgeshire 100 83 0 C VET
Green DC 121761 Cambridgeshire 100 83 0 C VET
Lambert S 88770 Cambridgeshire 100 82 0 C VET
Barnard C 120378 Cambridgeshire 100 82 0 C SNR
Wan JWW 73955 Cambridgeshire 100 80 0 B VET
Cook E 128251 Cambridgeshire 100 80 0 C LDY
Challis F 134838 Cambridgeshire 100 77 0 VET