Cambridgeshire Single Barrel 2023

Priory Shooting Ground, 22nd October 2023

Hi all,

Well that’s the last of the Cambridgeshire championships for this year done and dusted. A good turnout for Cambs to what looked like a summer day: next to no wind and bright and sunny for most of the day, but some good and challenging targets to keep you on your toes. Tim Jones put in a 89 from the first squad for Cambs and in the following squad G Howlett put in a magnificent 98 for Suffolk, but later on Steve Eley came in with a 93 to take the County Championship leaving Tim Jones to take the vets’ and men’s categories, with ladies’ champion being G Chamberlain on 87. No juniors or colts entered,

This also decided the places for the supreme championship for this year to be posted later after checking all results but well shot all who attended and thanks to the Priory and their staff and scorers without whom these shoots should not be possible.

Full results here

Cambridgeshire Sportrap 2023

The Cambridgeshire Sportrap went to East of England Shooting Ground on Sunday 10th September to complete the last of the county visits there for this year, and a wonderful hot sunny day it was until the prize giving then the heavens opened like you would not believe!

In the space of ten minutes hiding in the clubhouse the car park was flooded and most of the shooters for the sporting that were left were also very wet, but it almost stopped so they all went back out to finish off their round – well done all, 

There were some very testing targets on the Sportrap for many, but some seem to make it look easy. 

Well shot all who attended.

Overall ChampionG Spalding92
Veterans’M Bowes88
Mens’R Allen90
Ladies’J Williams55
Juniors’C Hodson75
Colts’M Allen82

Our thanks go to all the staff, course setters, and scorers for their hard work and patience with this sometimes frustrating discipline.

Full results here.

Cambridgeshire Double Rise 2023

Priory Shooting Ground, 3rd September

Well that’s yet another of the Cambridgeshire championships done for another year; the double rise was held today at The Priory, with a reasonable entry for a minority discipline. Most just shoot it for a bit of something different – it’s very fast and furious and all over in a very short space of time. Then comes the “how did I miss those they look so easy from here?”. 

Anyway thanks to all who came to enjoy the shoot on a really warm and sunny day. Great weather for shooting – a little hot for some, but better with a cold drink. Thanks go to John and Joe for sorting and scoring it all for us.

Cambridgeshire ChampionChris Morris93
Men’s ChampionRichard Morris91
Veterans’ ChampionJem Knight86
Ladies’ ChampionGeorgina Chamberlain72
Juniors’, Colts’Not contested

Full scores here.

Cambridgeshire Skeet 2023

The Cambridgeshire English Skeet championship was held at Priory Shooting Ground on 20 August and, despite clashing with the Ladies Football World Cup Final, attracted a good number of competitors. 

Competition was strong.  High gun was M Porter with 96/100. 

As he is not a Cambridgeshire shooter he was not able to take the Cambridgeshire Championship, but was the winner of the Bev Waller Cup which is presented to the high gun of the day. 

Six Cambridgeshire shooters shot 95/100 (!) and congratulations go to A Hallybone who won the shoot off for the championship and also took A class. 

Congratulations also go to the winners of the other categories and classes which were decided by countback where necessary: 

A Taylor – Men’s; 

A Wright – Veteran’s; 

K Moorbey – Ladies; 

E Lord – Junior’s and AA class; 

J Knight – B class; 

S Moorbey – C class. 

Well shot everyone. Thanks go to Natasha, John, referees and the other team members for all their hard work in running a successful shoot.

Full results here

Intercounties FITASC 2023

Sporting Targets, 12/13th August 2023

Thanks to all the team from over the weekend shooting the Intercounties FITASC. Most shot on Saturday – a day with varying degrees of weather (some nice sunshine with sporadic rain some a bit harder than others at times). The vets team were in 1st joint place after Saturday but with more scores coming in on Sunday were pushed down into 3rd place. The senior team finished in 5th.

After managing to get 4 juniors:

M Allen

B Jorden

C Hodson

S Vella

available to shoot they all shot very well and came away with the win they deserved.

As most people have gone home by the end of the day, the Cambs team manager picked up the glassware for you all and will catch up with you all soon.

Well shot everyone thank you all.

Full results here.

Cambridgeshire OTR 2023

On 30 July Cambridgeshire shooters were met at Nuthampstead by blustery changeable winds for the Olympic Trap championship.  

Congratulations go to John Russo who was Cambridgeshire High Gun with 75×100, to Tim Jones who was veteran champion after countback with Richard Croft, and to Sarah Christensen who won the ladies title. 

Thanks to Ed, Nicky and staff for an enjoyable day.

Full results here

Tim Jones receiving the Vet’s on the left, and handing out the County Champion and Ladies’, middle and right.

Cambridgeshire at the Game Fair 2023

The annual Game Fair is taking place from 28th to 30th July at Wragley Hall in Warwickshire. As ever there are shooting attractions, including the CPSA Champion of Champions. Darren Stamford is once again representing Cambridgeshire, and we also have Benjamin Jordan shooting in the Colts’ Challenge this year. Good luck to both, and anyone else shooting at the fair.

Cambridgeshire DTL 2023

It was a tough day for competitors shooting the Cambridgeshire DTL at The Priory Clay Target Centre on 23 July. 

There was a fantastic turnout and with an added bonus of the ‘miss money pot’ competition. Cloudy with occasional sun, but the wind was having a big influence on the clays.

The Overall champion and A Class winner was Steve Eley with a well earnt 96/284; the Men’s and AA class winner was Phil Barnard with 96/276; Veteran and B Class went to Jem Knight with 95/272 and Ladies and C class winner was Georgina Chamberlain with 93/274. 

Very close scores on a tough day. Congratulations to the winners and well done to all who took part. Full results here.

The Miss Money Pot – shooters pay into a pot with half the money going to the county and half repaid as prize money. 

The number of the first clay each shooter misses goes into a hat and the number drawn out of the hat at the end of the day wins the pot. 

The number drawn out was 1. 

There was a tie as seven shooters had missed their first target.  

Rather than split the money the 7 names were put in a hat and the winner of the pot was Gavin Dunbavin.

As always, the competition was masterfully hosted by the wonderful Priory, and our thanks go to all the clubhouse staff, groundsmen and referees.

EM Inter-Counties Skeet 2023

This weekend, 1st-2nd July, was the Inter-Counties English skeet at Eriswell Lodge.

Firstly a very big thank you to Eriswell, their staff and referees for a most successfully-run day.

It was a tough shoot with the wind conditions playing havoc for all shooters.

It was great to have new shooters representing the county with Adam Hallybone, Katie Moorbey (junior) and dad Stephen Moorbey all giving good accounts – with Stephen managing to come second in C class, even winning a few bob!

It was also great to have shooters back representing the county with John Russell scoring a very respectable 93/100 (despite not being in the team!).

Cambridgeshire Veterans came away winners in the vets class, missing from the photos is Allan Wright whom without his great score of 93/100 it would not have happened. [Webmaster: Tim’s being modest – his own 92 was also crucial!]

Thank you to all the Cambridgeshire shooters who turned out for the county today, you did us proud!

Report from Tim Jones.

Full individual results here, team results here (until overwritten by the 2024 result).

Cambridgeshire Helice (ZZ) Championship 2023

10th June 2023

A blazing sun and a changeable blustery wind met the Cambridgeshire shooters who headed to Rugby for the County and East Midlands’ Helice Championships on Saturday 10th June. Jane Bell came out on top with a very creditable 20/24, giving her the overall County as well as the East Midlands’ Ladies’ titles. Kevin Flitton took the Men’s County title and Tim Jones the Veterans’ on countback from Andrew Oakey Congratulations to all who took part on a day of difficult shooting conditions.

Full results here