AGM and new Committee

The AGM was held on the 12th August and a new committee was elected. Many thanks to all outgoing members for their contributions.

The new committee is:

ChairmanPhil Barnard
Vice-ChairmanMarcus Lord
SecretaryHannah Hall
TreasurerAmelia Smith
MembersRoger Fletcher
Theresa Fletcher
Chris Hall
Ashley Smith

New Committee for 2020

After the AGM on 16th January 2020 a new committee was voted in. Our thanks go to Malcolm Collins for all his hard work over the years. He has taken to the decision to step down due to work commitments. New (brave?) faces for this year are Hannah Hall and Theresa Fletcher. Marcus, Marcus, Roger, Tim, Phil, Ashley, Corbie and Amelia (not pictured) have all remained on the committee. also secretary treasurer also and

webmaster can be contacted at or

L>R Marcus Lord, Marcus Webb (front), Roger Fletcher (rear), Tim Jones (Chair), Theresa Fletcher, Phil Barnard, Ashley Smith, Corbie Barnard, Hannah Hall.

The new committee held a brief meeting at the end of the AGM.  One of the main priorities was to get confirmed dates and venues for the remaining Cambs shoots.

Looks like Ash has been nominated as the new Committee’s Trophy….Oh behave!