Cambridgeshire Double Rise 2023

Priory Shooting Ground, 3rd September

Well that’s yet another of the Cambridgeshire championships done for another year; the double rise was held today at The Priory, with a reasonable entry for a minority discipline. Most just shoot it for a bit of something different – it’s very fast and furious and all over in a very short space of time. Then comes the “how did I miss those they look so easy from here?”. 

Anyway thanks to all who came to enjoy the shoot on a really warm and sunny day. Great weather for shooting – a little hot for some, but better with a cold drink. Thanks go to John and Joe for sorting and scoring it all for us.

Cambridgeshire ChampionChris Morris93
Men’s ChampionRichard Morris91
Veterans’ ChampionJem Knight86
Ladies’ ChampionGeorgina Chamberlain72
Juniors’, Colts’Not contested

Full scores here.

Cambs Double Rise 2021

Today (Sunday 22nd August), Cambs were at The Priory for the Double Rise. Most shot theirs this morning before ‘shooting’ across to Northampton. Last squad was at 1pm. Weather was quite dreary. Overcast for the most part, not too windy. The Priory did a fab job of catering for our shoot as well as holding a skeet competition.

The results are as follows:

ChampionRichard CroftA terrific 85
Veterans’Tim Jones68
Men’sPhil Barnard77
Ladies’Hazel Lilly58
Colts’Ethan Lord48

Congratulations to our winners and a big thanks to those who took the time to shoot. Our massive thanks to Natasha at The Priory, for holding the competition.

Many thanks


Hazel – Ladies’ Champ.

Full results here

Cambridgeshire 2020 Double Rise

At Priory Shooting Ground on Sunday 18th October for the Double Rise there was a little light wind and the light was a bit dull but the rain stayed away but it still made the clays tricky to see. Great targets overall, but the weather conditions made it hard for most people. Thanks go to Priory again for a well run competition.

Cambridgeshire Double Rise

Double Rise Winner R Morris sporting his best moody look
R Morris, Champion
ChampionR Morris 47
SeniorsCAJ Morris46
VeteransS Eley44
LadiesH Whiten32
ColtsE Lord36
Double Rise Scores ex 60 targets

Thanks to all who turned up.

Cambridgeshire Double Rise

The Cambridgeshire Double Rise championship was held at Cambridge Gun Club on 10th September 2017.  This was a windy old day that made it fun to watch if not to shoot.  This was a close match and could have gone any way, with 3 shooters not that far apart: Phil Barnard, Richard Morris and Matt Sheldrake.  At the end of the day Phil Barnard came out top with 84. Hazel Whiten won the Ladies and Tim Jones the Vets:

Name CPSA No. Targets Hits Class Category
Barnard PJ 34389 100 84 AA SNR
Morris R 111934 100 81 AA SNR
Sheldrake M 129704 100 79 AA SNR
Jones T 29151 100 76 AA VET
Wright PR 48500 100 73 A SNR
Pereira J 128244 100 67 SNR
Jacobs BJ 56060 100 65 B VET
Morris CAJ 103791 100 65 AA SNR
Whiten H 111933 100 64 A LDY
Grant JR 90057 100 62 C VET
Randall TR 71003 100 54 A VET
Wan JWW 73955 100 50 B VET
Whitworth M 134623 100 49 VET

Full scores including non-Cambridgeshire shooters are here.