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2005 Results
2006 Fixtures/Results
2005 Results
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Welcome to the Home Page of the Cambridgeshire Clay Pigeon Shooting Association

County AGM - This will be held at the Quy Mill Hotel (as last year) on Monday 29th January 2007 - 8pm kickoff. All county CPSA members are welcome, and indeed encouraged, to attend. Map to the location is here with directions here

Intercounty Team Matches

Congratulations to the Ladies' team for winning the intercounties' sporting and the Veterans' for taking the All Round.

Further congratulations to the Veterans' FITASC team for winning the intercounties; and well done to Philip Simpson for making it to the event and shooting a very respectable 84 despite having been involved in a serious car crash 48 hours previously - there's team commitment for you! Full FITASC details on the East Midlands website.

Cambridgeshire 2006 English Sporting Ladies' Team
(L-R) Brittany Abbot, Sarah Christensen, Jane Bell.
1st in the East Midlands Intercounties with 153 points, beating Norfolk with 152!


Cambridgeshire 2006 All Round Veterans' Team
Rod Gifford, John Barnard, Dick Aves, Tony Randall
1st in East Midland Intercounties.

Intercounties results are here, with the Cambridgeshire team results reproduced here for Sporting, Skeet, All Round, and ABT.

ABT Teams are now shown here

The Intercounties Skeet has now taken place; Vets and Juniors each came close seconds, whilst the Seniors were most notable for all the qualifying scores being 97s, whilst the ladies suffered at the hands of the very impressive Leicestershire ladies' team. Cambridge team scores are here, with full results on the East Midlands website here.

The 2006 County Championships are now complete! Click on the discipline name for full results:

Congratulations to James Sole for winning the Olympic Trap title after having to go to a shootoff with Anita North. Each shot 87, and James took the shootoff 4-3, so James is County Champion and Anita is Ladies' Champion. Well shot both! . The Single Barrel Championship has also taken place, with double the number of entries that we had last year.

The county Sporting Championship has now taken place at Barrow Heath in wet and windy conditions. The Skeet Doubles was just a windy, but thankfully dry . The good weather finally arrived for the Olympic Skeet and the Universal Trench. And we have moved through "good weather" to "positively sweltering" for Simon Peacock to win the FITASC, 5 points clear of the competition! The English Skeet at Norhampton had a good turnout - including 6 in the ladies' competition. The Sportrap had the first two windy days of summer turning a slightly challenging layout into a bit of a monster - full results, including Colt Brittany Abbott taking the ladies' title here. The Double Trap at Nuthampstead resulted in the first county committee member title for Paul Ashley. The All Round at Northampton was a close run thing with 1 bird separating Steve Whitwell (90) from Steve Grant (89). Dick Aves took a clear lead at a well-attended Double Rise at Northampton. The DTL saw Steve Whitwell take his second title this year with 99/295, just ahead of second place P Rollings on 100/294. ABT has rounded off the championships this year, with Richard Wilson retaining his title.

The national intercounties fixtures have now been added to the team fixtures page

If you are a shooter and would like to join the CPSA, please see here. As well as comprehensive shooting insurance (which covers rough and game shooting as well as clays), it allows you to compete in the county and national championships and teams. We are particularly keen for young shooters and ladies to join as it is a sport that can be enjoyed by all (and we need some more ladies/juniors for some of our teams!)

We are always interested in sponsorship for competitions or advertisers for the annual brochure and this website; if this is of interest to you, please contact us