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Welcome to the 2012 website for the Cambridgeshire Clay Pigeon Shooting Association. The CPSA is the official English governing body of the sport of shooting clay targets with shotguns. As well as a national headquarters organisation, the CPSA has regional and county organisations to support and promote the sport and the members of the organisation.

***Don't forget The County AGM  is on  Wednesday the 23rd January 2013 at the social club, Willingham 7.30 start.***

We have it on reliable authority that the roads are clear in spite of recent snowfall.

Food is generously being provided by Janet Maguire

2013 Dates for your Diary, fixtures so far:

Skeet -         23rd & 24th March 2013
DTL -            6th & 7th April 2013
Sport trap       15th September 2013
ABT              21st April 2013  
UT               3rd March 2013
OT               17th March 2013
All Round        30th June 2013

Intercounties Winning Results (Cambridgeshire scores shown in brackets) To see full results, click on the underlined discipline in the table below.

Winners (Snrs) Winners (Ldy) Winners (Vet) Winners (Jnr)
AR Norfolk 507 (450) Suffolk 135 (52) Cambs 156 Cambs 152
ESK Norfolk 571 (538) Suffolk 181 (167) Notts 191 (190) Norfolk 184 (169)
DTL Notts 1721 (1661) Lincs 554 (450) Leics 571 (553) Notts 558 (-)
ESP Suffolk 536 (467) Norfolk 160 (127) Leics  175 (164) Norfolk  160 (144)
FSP Norfolk 345 (327) Suffolk 137 (-) Leics 169 (-) Leics 155 (145)
ABT Lincs 379 (348) Lincs   174 (160) Lincs 185 (178) Cambs 168

Champion of Champions has now finished. Look here if you dare, or if you want to keep it a surprise wait until it will be announced at the AGM and the winner awarded the trophy.

Results for the final Cambridgeshire Championship of the year: Universal Trench. David Christensen repeated his sterling performance last week and has won the Cambridgeshire Universal Trench Championship on 76. Paul Ashley holds the Seniors with Belinda York winning Ladies' and Tim Evans winning the Vets'. Report Here.

Results for Cambs Double Rise now in, with David Christensen the new Champ for 2012, Phil Barnard winning Seniors' and Michele Conway winning a double whammy of Ladies' and Vets'. Read the report here.

Results for Cambs skeet doubles results are now in here, with Janet Maguire, Colin Fordham, Chris Morris and Malcolm Collins all winning trophies. Champion of Champions updated, with, theoretically, still two people able to win it. Look here if you want to know...

Fixtures for 2012 : see here for individual fixtures, here for team fixtures, or here for an overall calendar.