New Committee for 2018

Thank you to all our members who took the time to attend the Cambridgeshire CPSA AGM. Some new faces and some old. A huge thank you to all the committee members for  offering their time to (amongst other things) schedule competitions and organise trophies, and badges. Details of your new committee, including contact details, can be found here.


A flurry of emails from the committee has allowed us to update a variety of the Championship reports on the website.  Some have write-ups added, some have new photos.

We hope you have liked the 2017 redesign of the website – we’ve been getting over 500 visits a week on average, so you’re obviously liking something!

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year

Sarah & David Christensen – the Cambs CPSA website team.

Cambridgeshire ZZ Championship 2017

Report from Tim Jones:

Well that’s all the Cambs shoots done for another year and the time seems to have gone so quickly we have had lots of good shooting from all the people who have been involved in the counties shoots. The last one as always was the ZZ Helice, held at Rugby Sun 26th November.  A cold day with a light breeze from the rear which just could make a difference to the targets if you left them a bit late.  But a strong turnout from Cambs, taking the first 3 placings.  Sat at the top for the day was K Flitton taking top spot again by one target from T Jones to take the vets and M Conway just 2 targets behind and takes the Ladies.  With thanks to John and his team for a good day always a pleasure to go.

Cambridgeshire results below, full results here.

Name CPSA No. Hits Category
Flitton K 99095 20 SNR
Jones T 29151 19 VET
Conway M 1000 18 LDS
Oakey A 124202 17 VET
Pettitt DV 2009 13 VET
York AW 117142 12 VET
Randall TR 71003 11 SVT

2018 AGM

The Cambridgeshire AGM will take place on Thursday, January 25th 2018 at the Conservative Club, 14 Creek Road, March. PE15 8RD.

The meeting will start at 19:30

Final Results for Supreme Champion

The final qualifying event for Supreme Champion has been shot, Sportrap. It was a very closely fought contest, and congratulations to all who took part. Dare you take a peek at the final leaderboard here? Or are you going to wait for the Supreme Champion Winner for 2017 to be announced at the AGM ?

Cambridgeshire STR Championship 2017

Cambridgeshire Sportrap 28th/29th October – Cambridge GC

This was tough but fair, the wind made it tough but it was windy for all taking part but, as usual you can’t stop the cream from rising to the top and that it did with two of the country’s top men Mark Bowes and Harry Seal finishing on 87.  Only one person bettered that but he was a Suffolk shooter, Richard Bunning (89).  Vets won by Michael Fryer (79), Juniors Taylor Hedgecock (84) and Ladies Holly Duggan (73), and Colts Kieran Carter (71).  Well shot to you all.

Details of who actually won to follow once provided by the committee!

Cambridgeshire results shown below.  Full results including non-county shooters here.

Name CPSA No. Hits Class Category
Bowes M 109720 87 A SNR
Seal H 107556 87 AA SNR
Hedgecock T 116977 84 A JNR
Allen R 120278 80 A SNR
Fryer MP 39268 79 A VET
Stronge AJ 89952 78 A VET
Jones T 29151 77 A VET
Grant S 80383 77 AAA VET
Bedford M 99093 75 A SNR
Lambert S 88770 75 A VET
Bladen JL 73741 74 A SNR
Valentine GW 91250 74 AAA SNR
Duggan H 132444 73 C LDY
Nunn C 123558 72 C SNR
Leonard T 88361 72 A VET
Harding J 72207 71 AA SNR
Carter K 134539 71 C CLT
Simpson PA 23089 71 B VET
Webster G 56662 70 A VET
Garrod P 48264 70 A VET
Tyte AP 118844 69 B SNR
Morris R 111934 67 B SNR
Malyon SJ 100021 67 B SNR
Barnard PJ 34389 66 AA SNR
Barnard C 120378 66 C SNR
Bailey J 133354 63 SNR
Morris CAJ 103791 63 B SNR
Grant JR 90057 62 B VET
Hedgecock A 132337 60 C LDC
Moore P 97684 59 C VET
Wong WK 74081 59 C SNR
Wan JWW 73955 57 C VET
Gordon ER 49332 56 B VET
Randall TR 71003 53 B VET
Challis F 134838 51 VET
Adams M 126882 51 SNR
Whitworth M 134623 44 VET
Pereira J 128244 43 SNR
Conway M 1000 39 C LDV
Cook E 128251 29 C LDY

Cambridgeshire ABT

The Cambridgeshire ABT held on the 1/10/17 this was held at Cambridge Gun Club, This was a hard fought battle and didn’t sort itself out until the later stages of the day. Only 4 targets separated the top 5 shooters at the end of the day but the top man was Chris Morris with a 93 The runner up on 91 Philip Barnard even shot a 20 to help Chris on his way.  Only one 25 straight was recorded and that was by a previous Cambridgeshire Shooter Paul Neal just to show he doesn’t just do DTL.

Well shot Chris again.

Name CPSA No. Targets Hits Class Category
Morris CAJ 103791 100 93 C SNR
Barnard PJ 34389 100 91 A SNR
Morris R 111934 100 89 B SNR
Cheng C 132838 100 87 SNR
Whiten H 111933 100 85 D LDY
Collins MD 111404 100 81 C VET
Jones T 29151 100 81 C VET
Russell JD 11796 100 79 C VET
Christensen D 106106 100 77 C SNR
Randall TR 71003 100 73 D VET
Manchett S 110886 100 72 D SNR
Barnard C 120378 100 71 D SNR
Adams M 126882 100 71 SNR
Whitworth M 134623 100 69 VET
Pereira J 128244 100 65 SNR

Full scores including non-Cambridgeshire shooters are here.

Cambridgeshire Double Rise

The Cambridgeshire Double Rise championship was held at Cambridge Gun Club on 10th September 2017.  This was a windy old day that made it fun to watch if not to shoot.  This was a close match and could have gone any way, with 3 shooters not that far apart: Phil Barnard, Richard Morris and Matt Sheldrake.  At the end of the day Phil Barnard came out top with 84. Hazel Whiten won the Ladies and Tim Jones the Vets:

Name CPSA No. Targets Hits Class Category
Barnard PJ 34389 100 84 AA SNR
Morris R 111934 100 81 AA SNR
Sheldrake M 129704 100 79 AA SNR
Jones T 29151 100 76 AA VET
Wright PR 48500 100 73 A SNR
Pereira J 128244 100 67 SNR
Jacobs BJ 56060 100 65 B VET
Morris CAJ 103791 100 65 AA SNR
Whiten H 111933 100 64 A LDY
Grant JR 90057 100 62 C VET
Randall TR 71003 100 54 A VET
Wan JWW 73955 100 50 B VET
Whitworth M 134623 100 49 VET

Full scores including non-Cambridgeshire shooters are here.