Cambridgeshire Olympic Trap

The Cambridgeshire Olympic Trap was held at Nuthampstead Shooting Ground on Sunday 10th September.

A total of 39 shooters took part, including 9 from Cambridgeshire – more than the usual turnout!

As usual, James Sole won with an impressive score of 94 – he has now won 10 of the last 11 years.  Sarah Christensen took the Ladies’ Trophy.  Veterans’ High Gun was Graeme Carter on 86, with Colt Ollie Cheng taking Juniors’ High Gun.

The Cambridgeshire results are:

Name CPSA No. Hits Class Category
Sole J 82030 94 A SNR
Carter GR 118210 86 B VET
Cheng C 132838 84 B SNR
Christensen D 106106 80 D SNR
Waller PC 7677 78 B VET
York AW 117142 77 D VET
Cheng O 134989 66 D JNR
Christensen S 106394 64 D LDY

Full results including non-Cambridgeshire shooters can be seen here.

Thanks to Nuthampstead for putting on a fine shoot, with full use of all four layouts!


Cambridgeshire FITASC

From the county chair:

The County FITASC Championship which was held on the 26/27th August at Grimsthorpe. I went on the Sunday to get some pictures but being held over 2 days the County winners shot on the Saturday so no pictures of them.  But the Cambs Championship was taken by Harry Seal with a 86 the Vets went to Steve Grant with 83 and the Ladies went to Holly Duggan with 68. These are very good scores indeed judging by the score board only two people shot better than Harry over 2 days.

Name CPSA No. Hits Points Class Category
Seal H 107556 86 0 B SNR
Stevenson M 85061 84 0 A SNR
Grant S 80383 83 0 A VET
Harding J 72207 80 0 B SNR
Dunbavin BJ 84275 79 0 B SVT
Mennie D 113616 79 0 C SNR
Spalding GR 107153 79 0 B SNR
Simpson PA 23089 78 0 C SVT
Leonard T 88361 75 0 B VET
Valentine GW 91250 75 0 C SNR
Garrod P 48264 73 0 C SVT
Duggan H 132444 68 0 D LDY
Floyd T 133928 68 0 D JNR
Webster G 56662 66 0 C VET
Grant JR 90057 63 0 D VET
Curtis T 135357 56 0 VET
Randall TR 71003 47 0 D SVT

Full scores including non-Cambridgeshire shooters are here.

Cambridgeshire DTL

The 20th Aug was the eagerly awaited Cambs DTL Championship held over 4 layouts at Cambridge Gun Club.  Cambridgeshire fielded its top shooters, all looking to be the next DTL Champion. But there is only room for one and it was soon evident that the early score of 299 put in by Richard Morris was going to be enough to crown him Cambridgeshire DTL Champion for 2017. The other places went to Chris Morris (Richard’s Dad) taking the Seniors and A class with a 293.  The Ladies went to Hazel Whiten with a 286, so far all the honours are going home in the same car! The Vets went to Gordon Webster 287, Junior title to Taylor Hedgecock 287 and Colts to Archie Bowman 252

Champion Richard Morris 100/299

Senior Champion Chris Morris 99/293

Vets Champion   Gordon Webster 97/287

Junior Champion Taylor Hedgecock 98/287

Ladies Champion Hazel Whiten     97/286

Colt Champion Archie Bowman    90/252

Class winners:

AA  Matt Sheldrake
A  Chris Morris
B  Phil Barnard
C Gordon Tate


Name CPSA No. Hits Points Class Category
Morris R 111934 100 299 AA SNR
Morris CAJ 103791 99 293 A SNR
Sheldrake M 129704 98 292 AA SNR
Kirby S 95341 98 289 AA SNR
Barnard PJ 34389 99 289 B SNR
McLean DW 124811 98 289 AA SNR
Hedgecock T 116977 98 287 B JNR
Adams M 126882 98 287 B SNR
Webster G 56662 97 287 A VET
Whiten H 111933 97 286 B LDY
Peacock RW 5074 96 284 A VET
Eley S 125207 96 283 B SNR
Collins MD 111404 95 282 B VET
Tate G 48253 96 281 C VET
Jacobs BJ 56060 93 277 B VET
James S 11197 92 263 C VET
Whitworth M 134623 89 263 C VET
Jacobs FA 96394 89 261 C LDV
Russell JD 11796 87 260 B VET
Wright AW 100 88 260 B VET
Pilcher KDA 128398 90 259 C SNR
Pereira J 128244 90 257 C SNR
Bowman A 132368 90 252 C CLT
Barnard C 120378 87 243 C SNR
Hedgecock A 132337 84 242 C LDC
Manchett S 110886 85 232 C SNR
Hegarty J 132723 72 204 C LDY

Full results including non-Cambridgeshire shooters are here.

Cambridgeshire Double Trap

The Cambridgeshire Double Trap competition was held at Nuthampstead Shooting Ground on 13th August 2017.  1st and 2nd place in the overall competition were taken by Steve Scott and Tim Kneale, respectively, who you will recall came 3rd and 4th in the Rio Olympics.

Up against this competition, a mere 3 Cambridgeshire shooters entered: congratulations to all for having a go, and to James Sole for winning the county title.

Sole J 82030 Cambridgeshire 150 132 0 SNR
Cheng C 132838 Cambridgeshire 150 120 0 C SNR
Randall TR 71003 Cambridgeshire 150 79 0 D SVT

Results for the full shoot, including those Olympians, are here

Cambridgeshire Skeet Doubles

Skeet Doubles – 29th and 30th July -– Cambridge Gun Club

As luck would have it (bad luck) another very windy weekend was had and as all you skeet shooters know skeet is best done without the wind – or at least not so strong as to make the targets hit the ground shortly after passing the centre peg; but this it did on some occasions, making the word skeet redundant in the title as in fact much more like sporting for some of the time.

We had a total of 22 cambs shooters in all and for this type of shoot I would say not too bad at all. Some very good shooting took place over the weekend and for most of Sunday, Michele Conway was leading the way with a very solid 93 which was good in the conditions. The next squad out had Chris Morris and son (and Dog), Malcolm Collins, and Steve Kirby, none of who were strangers to winning Cambs shoots, although with Steve it is mainly trap type events, being the current Cambs DTL Champion. From this squad, Malcolm Collins shot a 93 to match Michele, both also Vets but Chris came in with a 94 so taking over the lead, for a while at least. The last squad of the day went out to shoot consisting of Taylor Hedgecock, sister Ami and Grandfather Gordon Webster, all very capable shooters . Well all of a sudden the targets became easier (not)….. just easier to watch, with Taylor doing what he does best just good solid shooting, he shot a 98. Well I can say that was excellent in the conditions and it was a pleasure to watch – as it was seeing his young sister Ami making it look much easier than it was.

So Taylor claims his second County Championship of 2017 to go with the All Round Earlier in the year.

Taylor Hedgecock & Chris Morris
Matt Collins & Michele Conway

High Gun And county Champion Taylor Hedgecock 98
Senior Champion Chris Morris 94
Ladies and Shared Vets Champion Michele Conway 93
Malcom Collins also Shared Vets Champion 93
Junior Champion Taylor Hedgecock 98
Colts Champion Archie Bowman 84
(Archie will soon be needing a new skeet vest as it will be soon full of County champion badges)

I was there both days and I would say I saw some very good shooting from some very good shooters and also some bad luck from a very good shooter the current skeet Champion Albert Taylor with his Semi auto playing up and costing him targets. Many thanks to Rod And Leslie Gifford for their marathon scoring session and many thanks to Cambridge Gun Club for once again looking after us .

Thanks to Allan Wright for the report.

Full scores here:

The Supreme Champion leaderboard has been updated here

Cambridgeshire Universal Trench Competition

Competing competitions led to a disappointing turnout for the Cambridgeshire UT on Saturday 8th July 2017.  The shoot itself – shared with the Hertfordshire Championship – had 27 entrants, but only two of these were from Cambridgeshire.

David Christensen, the defending champion, got off to a poor start with a 17ex25  and from then on stood little chance of catching last year’s Vets’ champion, John Russo, who finished with an impressive 89 to take both the County and Veterans’ titles.  David’s form improved, but only enough to finish on 81, and in Cambridgeshire UT, like combat, there are no prizes for second place.


New website!

Commencing on the 29th June 2017, we are moving Cambridgeshire CPSA’s website to a new hosting mechanism.  In the short term there may be reduced content, but the all-important fixtures list is here and the rest (including prior years) will appear soon.  Please bear with us whilst the work is in progress

Cambridgeshire Skeet

Day one of the County Skeet was a hot glorious day. However, there was nothing glorious about the very high winds causing some interesting targets. In spite of their erratic flight Albert Taylor put in an amazing first day score of 98 with Robert Allen and Peter Gaskin hot on his tail with 97’s.

Sunday morning dawned bright and cooler with a brisk wind increasing later into what one shooter said was a ‘mini hurricane’. Some great scores were shot by Peter Cook, Chris Morris, Malcolm Collins and Richard Morris, but nobody managed to pip our Albert’s score.

County Champion Albert Taylor (98) also won the Bev  Waller Trophy.
Senior Men’s: Peter Gaskin (97)
Ladies’ Champion: Janet Maguire (84)
Vets’ : Peter Cook (96)
Colts’ :  A. Bowman(92)
AA Class: R. Allen (97)
A Class: R. Morris (97)
B Class: P. Gaskin (97)
C Class: A. Bowman (92)

28 County Shooters braved the windy conditions so thank you and well done to all.

Our thanks also to Mick & Karen and their staff at Cambridge Gun Club for hosting yet another  of our County Championships.

Cambridgeshire results shown below, full results here.

Taylor A 118869 Cambridgeshire 100 98 0 A SNR
Morris R 111934 Cambridgeshire 100 97 0 A SNR
Allen R 120278 Cambridgeshire 100 97 0 SNR
Gaskin P 118880 Cambridgeshire 100 97 0 B SNR
Collins MD 111404 Cambridgeshire 100 96 0 A VET
Cook P 5051 Cambridgeshire 100 96 0 A VET
Morris CAJ 103791 Cambridgeshire 100 96 0 AA SNR
Kirby S 95341 Cambridgeshire 100 94 0 B SNR
Adams M 126882 Cambridgeshire 100 93 0 B SNR
Barnard PJ 34389 Cambridgeshire 100 93 0 A SNR
Bowman A 132368 Cambridgeshire 100 92 0 C CLT
Wright PR 48500 Cambridgeshire 100 92 0 A SNR
Moulding G 123498 Cambridgeshire 100 91 0 B SNR
Pilcher KDA 128398 Cambridgeshire 100 90 0 C SNR
Pereira J 128244 Cambridgeshire 100 90 0 C SNR
Valentine GW 91250 Cambridgeshire 100 89 0 B SNR
Jones T 29151 Cambridgeshire 100 88 0 A VET
Whitworth M 134623 Cambridgeshire 100 88 0 C VET
Webb M 132394 Cambridgeshire 100 88 0 SNR
Maguire JJ 52489 Cambridgeshire 100 84 0 C LDV
Randall TR 71003 Cambridgeshire 100 83 0 C VET
Green DC 121761 Cambridgeshire 100 83 0 C VET
Lambert S 88770 Cambridgeshire 100 82 0 C VET
Barnard C 120378 Cambridgeshire 100 82 0 C SNR
Wan JWW 73955 Cambridgeshire 100 80 0 B VET
Cook E 128251 Cambridgeshire 100 80 0 C LDY
Challis F 134838 Cambridgeshire 100 77 0 VET


Cambridgeshire Sporting

Cambridge Gun Club 21st May 2017

The day was a super day for shooting, and it was good to see so many top shots on a course that us mere mortals thought very testing.  The course setter Mick said he thought a 96 would do it but it’s always nice when a specialist course setter is wrong as he was in this case, as a 97 won it.

ESP Winners

Wow!! how do they do it, 97 that is fantastic, and this was achieved by A Harvey from Suffolk. As I said, many good shooters took part, but our eyes are, of course, on the Cambridgeshire contingent.  This was led By Phil Gray with a super 95 and this was enough to take the County title for who knows how

Brian Dunbavin

many consecutive times.  Phil was closely followed by Justin Bladen with 93, Harry Seal with 92 and Mark Bowes with 90.

The Vets came out in force and all showed their form, but it was Brian Dunbavin coming out on top once again with a fine 88.

A squad of Ladies were evident, always good to see as Cambridgeshire has a task to get a full ladies team together but I think we may be in luck this year. From the ladies, Holly Duggan shone out not only winning the County Championship but also was top lady overall with a 71 and there was some very good ladies taking part on the day.

The juniors, well, what a top performance from Dan Mawby he shot 88 not only taking the Juniors but also winning A class. Super job Dan.

The Colts also thin on the ground but a very good day for K Carter 74, what a good shoot for a Colt and now County champion.


So to round up .

County Champion Phil Gray 95

Senior Champion Justin Bladen 93

Vets Champion Brian Dunbavin 88

Ladies Champion Holly Duggan 71

Juniors Champion Dan Mawby  88

Colt Champion  K Carter 74