East Midlands Inter Counties Sporting at Sporting Targets Sept 7th and 8th 2019

No allocation to fixed squads so book yourselves in – squad times: 9.20,9.30 and 9.40 on Sunday. Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the  start to book in and choose your squad.

M Bowes 109720

J Bailey 133354

M Bedford 99093

G R Spalding 107153

D Stanford 132642

R Allen 120278

J L Bladen 73741

M Newman 136147

P Garrod 48264

BJ Dunbavin 84275

AJ Stronge 89952

T Leonard 88361

A Hedgecock 132337

A Smith 137858

E Lord 138716

S Halls 139175

C Bird 139521

IC DTL Squads and times 4th August 2019 Nottingham GC

The Booking times for the Cambs Team shooters at Nottingham GC for the intercounties shoot on the 4th August are as follows.

Squad 1 at 1340 is.
C Hall– Snr. P Ward– Snr. A Smith — Snr . M Sheldrake — Snr. M Webb — Snr.
Squad 2 at 1400 is.
P Barnard– Snr. M Lord — Snr. C Barnard — Snr. S Hall —Colt. E Lord — Colt.

Squad 3 at 1420 is.
R Croft —Vet. G Thatcher —Vet. D Ivey—Vet. T Jones—Vet.

Squad 4 at 1440 is.
A Smith — Ldy. M Conway — Ldy. M Webb — Ldy.

We have a space for another Lady to make the team up to its full compliment if you know of any one who might like the privilege please let me know, if you cannot make the shoot or have any queries please ring:-

Malcolm Collins
07870 558904 mobile
01954 252488 home
Many thanks Malcolm.

East Midlands Inter Counties Skeet

The results of the East Mids Intercounties are as follows

Senior Winners – Northamptonshire (Cambs 6th)
Senior Runners-up -Norfolk
Ladies Winners -Northamptonshire(Cambs 5th)
Veteran Winners -Nottinghamshire (Cambs 4th)
Junior Winners – Suffolk (Cambs 3rd)

Particular mention should go to Ashley Smith who shot his first 25 straight in competition and was runner up in C class…well done Ashley
Also well done to Gary Thatcher who shot a very creditable 93 in only his second ever ESK competition.
PB’s were beaten by Ashley Smith and Richard Croft (apologies if there were other PB’s but these were the only two I know about….if other team members got a PB let me know and I will post it) …so well done to them

The weather was warm and very little wind – yes I know that’s unusual at Nottingham – so unfortunately we can’t use that as an excuse but mostly as a team we shot well but our competitors unfortunately shot better, so congratulations to them

A Resignation and a New Appointment to the Committee

Karen Hodson has decided to step down as committee secretary. She has worked tirelessly for many years making sure that the committee runs smoothly and that the Supreme Champion scores have been regularly and accurately calculated – no mean feat. It gets extremely complicated! Many thanks for all your years of hard work, Karen.

The new secretary will be Marcus Webb. I’m sure you will welcome him in his new role as he gets to grip with all that the position entails.

East Midlands & Inter Counties Championship ZZ Helice 28th April 2019

East Midlands IC ZZ Champions Cambridge Team L>R Ashley Smith, Tim Jones, Jane Bell, Andrew Oaky, Michele Conway and Kevin Flitton

[Thanks to Trevor Harvey RDTC for allowing us to share his report]

Rugby & District Trap Club were very happy to be asked to stage the first East Midlands Helice County & Area Championship on Sunday April 28th

Sun was out giving good visibility but not that warm with a cool breeze greeted the fantastic turnout of 8 squads, it was great to see five of the county teams turn up Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Leicestershire & Nottinghamshire to fight it out for the massive array of prizes

A magnificent cup sponsored by TM Bark of Norfolk and valued at over £300 was presented to the winning County team Cambridgeshire, also Engraved crystal tankards and a sponsored prize fund of £250 was shared amongst the members of the winning County team: Michele Conway, Jane Bell, Kevin Flitton, Andrew Oaky, Tim Jones & Ashley Smith. Full results attached

A superb engraved trophy was presented to the individual High Gun: Junior shooter Connor Harris with a great score of 23 on his first outing at Helice, sure it won’t be long before he a member of the Helice Junior GB Team, great shooting Connor. Plus, also over £300 in prize money from the individual part of the event for those wanting to shoot “Competition” In addition, to World Cup Express cartridges being presented

Northamptonshire, Norfolk & Bedfordshire members sure you have some good shots that can shoot Helice, let your committees know you don’t want to miss out on this great event and sharing in the goodies next year

I’m sure everybody joins me in giving a big thankyou to Donovan Jenkin for being the driving force behind getting the event off the ground and the East Midlands committees & Team Managers for supporting their members in making this a great event

Not only did Cambridgeshire win the team event; Michele Conway took Supervets’ and Jane Bell tied with Donovan Jenkin (Lincs) for Vets’ (time pressure meant there was no shoot-off so it was agreed that they share). Well done Ladies!!! Fantastic shooting.

DTL – 17th March 2019– Cambridge GC

Hi folks, well we are off again with a very busy weekend and today the 17th March it’s the very much looked forward to Cambridgeshire DTL Championship.

Well the day started as it meant to carry on with changing light and very blustery winds, but that didn’t stop Matt Sheldrake and last year’s Champion going at it hammer and tongs again, but this year we had a reversal of last year’s results when Paul came out on top as County Champion and Matt was Senior Champ.  This year Matt shot 98/288 enough to take the title for 2019 with Paul finishing with 98/286 and the Senior title.  This was very good shooting in this weather and I guess at any time, and with 46 entries this year it was not a push over by any means.

So we have our Champ Matt Sheldrake 98/288

Senior Paul Ward  98/ 286

Ladies Amelia Smith 86/248.

Vets Richard Croft   95/ 262

Colts Samuel Halls   96/256

AA   Richard Morris   88/253

A     Steve Eley         94/278

B     Corbie Barnard     97 /284 (well shot Corbie)

C     Marcus Lord      92/275

Well shot folks in very hard trying conditions, and many thanks to Cambridge GC for their hospitality. For full set of scores on the national CPSA website see here.

Universal Trench – 16th March – Nuthampstead

Another very testing 100 targets on a very windy day.  So windy in fact that I had a job to get the door open on my car, but that didn’t worry the shooters from Herts/ Essex / and Cambridgeshire.  At the end of the day our top shot and county Champion was Graham Carter with an 86.  That was one better than Paul Ward and Peter Waller both having put in 85’s and awaiting a shoot off to find out who was to be Champ.  However, this was not to be after Grahams 85, but they still had a shoot off to decide the Vets title.  Peter Waller came out on top by 1 target so takes home the Vets Shield.


Champion Graham Carter

Seniors Champion Ashley Smith who seems to be a trophy magnet this year.

Ladies Champion Sarah Christensen.

Vets Champion Peter Waller

Well done folks and many thanks to Nuthampstead for your hospitality

Cambs All Round 10th March 2019 Cambridge GC


This was another windy and wet affair but it didn’t stop the Cambridgeshire faithful from turning up to have a go at some very testing targets.  At the end of the day our 2018 county DTL Champion made it look easy posting an 85, very good in the conditions of the day, but it went right to the wire with Darren Stanford coming in with an 82. The Vets was very tight with 2 shooters on 80 Richard Croft and Peter Simpson count back had to be used as both shooters had left the ground so Richard Croft came out on top, for the second year in a row.  

Paul Ward EE47976 85 A Senior High Gun
Christopher Morris EE103791 83 A Winner Senior
Darren Stanford EE132642 82 AA Winner Senior
Mark Adams EE126882 81 A Senior
Richard Croft EE103839 80 A Veteran Champion
Robert Allen EE120278 80 A Senior
Peter Simpson EE8574 80 A Veteran
Corbie Barnard EE120378 79 A Senior
Ashley Smith EE137766 78 C Winner Senior
Philip Barnard EE34389 78 AA Senior
Brian Dunbavin EE84275 77 A Veteran
Alan Stronge EE89952 76 A Veteran
Richard Morris EE111934 76 A Senior
Timothy Jones EE29151 74 A Veteran
Tony Leonard EE88361 74 AA Veteran
Malcolm Collins EE111404 73 A Veteran
Marcus Lord EE138715 73 B Winner Senior
Marcus Webb EE132394 72 Senior
Matthew Sheldrake EE129704 71 B Senior
Dave Hewitt-Hulin EE67137 71 AA Senior
Roger Fletcher EE105141 71 Veteran
Justin Halls EE139343 68 C Senior
Samuel Halls EE139175 68 B Colt Champion
Jason Pereira EE128244 67 A Senior
Michael Whitworth EE134623 67 C Veteran
Tony Randall EE71003 65 B Veteran
Gary Thatcher EE136910 64 C Veteran
Chris Hall EE133820 60 Senior
Henry Sperring EE139173 60 Colt
Graham Brooksbank EE139701 58 Senior
Ethan Lord EE138716 56 C Colt
Amelia Smith EE137858 53 C Ladies Champion

Many thanks to Cambridge GC for their hospitality.

Cambs Skeet Eriswell Lodge 3rd March 2019

Richard Morris ESK Champ 2019

Well folks the first of our County Championships took part this weekend the 3rd of March. Well it could have been a better day weatherwise and after the last few weeks it was a big let down, but nevertheless it was a good turn out at Eriswell SG for our English Skeet Championship. Some very good shooting took place and as it worked out the early morning squads were the winners with the weather; they got a bit wet but missed the big winds. For full report and scores see here

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