Cambs Skeet Eriswell Lodge 3rd March 2019

Well folks the first of our County Championships took part this weekend the 3rd of March. Well it could have been a better day weatherwise and after the last few weeks it was a big let down, but nevertheless it was a good turn out at Eriswell SG for our English Skeet Championship. Some very good shooting took place and as it worked out the early morning squads were the winners with the weather; they got a bit wet but missed the big winds. For full report and scores see here

National English Skeet competition at Nottingham and District Gun Club on the 20/21st October.


Roger Fletcher
Phil Barnard
Albert Taylor
James Yarrow
Peter Gaskin

Allan Wright
Peter Cook
Julian Berridge

Amelia Smith
Mandy Webb
Ami Hedgecock
Taylor Hedgecock
Archie Bowman

Sunday 21st
1340 Chris Morris

1540 Peter Wright

would like to get us all together for a team photo if possible .

The address if anyone needs it is
Far Baulker Farm
Old Rufford Rd
NG25 0RQ

If there are any problems please let me know.

It just remains for me to thank you all and wish you good shooting

Roger Fletcher
ESK Team Manager
Mob 07860 813754
Home 01487 815682

Inter-counties Cambridgeshire Skeet Team 12th August Northampton

The Cambs teams for the Inter-counties skeet at Northampton on the 12th August are as follows .
Peter Wright.John Russell. Roger Fletcher. Peter Cook.
Phil Barnard. Albert Taylor, Glen Mouldin, James Yarrow, Peter Gaskin.
Marcus Webb, Janet Maguire, Amelia Smith. Archie Bowman. Mandy Webb..
Ami Hedgcock, Taylor Hedgcock, Marcus Lord. Ethan Lord, Julian Berridge.

Chris Morris and Malcom Collins picking there own time

Team Manager Roger Fletcher.
Any mistakes Allan Wright

Cambs ESK Eriswell Lodge 1st April2018

Well we were not disappointed as on the day 60 entries were recorded at the desk of Eriswell Lodge. Later 2 shooters did call off but 58 according to Johnathon the ground manager this was a record.

Also, it’s worth saying we had the gods shining on us with the weather.

Allan Wright presenting Chris Morris the Skeet Champion Trophy

Skeet Silverware

When arriving I spoke to last year’s winner Albert Taylor as he was leaving for another shoot he had posted 99.  When I reached the Clubhouse I found Chris Morris had done the same.  Well I’m thinking we should have a good team this year.

During the day I saw a lot of very good shooting and some very good scores posted. It didn’t take me long to see that we had a good selection of Ladies and Colts to make up the numbers as well.

At the end of the day Albert Taylor and Chris Morris with their 99’s were the winners.  This meant a shoot off was imminent and with the Bev Waller trophy at stake this meant that any shooter on the day could take the trophy, so a shoot off to decide that had to take place.  The shoot off consisted of two Suffolk shooters and our own Chris Morris.

This was doubles on 4 and was well worth watching. Eric Chapman took the honours and was a worthy winner.

That over results were:

Chris Morris was Cambs County Champ. 99

Albert Taylor is Senior Champ 99

Vets went to Tim Jones 97

Colts Archie Bowman 93

Ladies after a shoot off with Janet Maguire went to Ami Hedgecock 89

AA Chris Morris 99

A   Glen Moulding 97

B   Peter Gaskin    95

C   Marcus Webb  90.


I note that Archie Bowman shot 2 x25 straights on his way to the colts trophy , It also looks like we have ladies Colts and Vets a plenty so the Intercounties at Northampton on the glorious twelfth (12/8) should see a very good entry from Cambs

[Thanks to Allan wright for the report]

Cambridgeshire Skeet

Day one of the County Skeet was a hot glorious day. However, there was nothing glorious about the very high winds causing some interesting targets. In spite of their erratic flight Albert Taylor put in an amazing first day score of 98 with Robert Allen and Peter Gaskin hot on his tail with 97’s.

Sunday morning dawned bright and cooler with a brisk wind increasing later into what one shooter said was a ‘mini hurricane’. Some great scores were shot by Peter Cook, Chris Morris, Malcolm Collins and Richard Morris, but nobody managed to pip our Albert’s score.

County Champion Albert Taylor (98) also won the Bev  Waller Trophy.
Senior Men’s: Peter Gaskin (97)
Ladies’ Champion: Janet Maguire (84)
Vets’ : Peter Cook (96)
Colts’ :  A. Bowman(92)
AA Class: R. Allen (97)
A Class: R. Morris (97)
B Class: P. Gaskin (97)
C Class: A. Bowman (92)

28 County Shooters braved the windy conditions so thank you and well done to all.

Our thanks also to Mick & Karen and their staff at Cambridge Gun Club for hosting yet another  of our County Championships.

Cambridgeshire results shown below, full results here.

Taylor A 118869 Cambridgeshire 100 98 0 A SNR
Morris R 111934 Cambridgeshire 100 97 0 A SNR
Allen R 120278 Cambridgeshire 100 97 0 SNR
Gaskin P 118880 Cambridgeshire 100 97 0 B SNR
Collins MD 111404 Cambridgeshire 100 96 0 A VET
Cook P 5051 Cambridgeshire 100 96 0 A VET
Morris CAJ 103791 Cambridgeshire 100 96 0 AA SNR
Kirby S 95341 Cambridgeshire 100 94 0 B SNR
Adams M 126882 Cambridgeshire 100 93 0 B SNR
Barnard PJ 34389 Cambridgeshire 100 93 0 A SNR
Bowman A 132368 Cambridgeshire 100 92 0 C CLT
Wright PR 48500 Cambridgeshire 100 92 0 A SNR
Moulding G 123498 Cambridgeshire 100 91 0 B SNR
Pilcher KDA 128398 Cambridgeshire 100 90 0 C SNR
Pereira J 128244 Cambridgeshire 100 90 0 C SNR
Valentine GW 91250 Cambridgeshire 100 89 0 B SNR
Jones T 29151 Cambridgeshire 100 88 0 A VET
Whitworth M 134623 Cambridgeshire 100 88 0 C VET
Webb M 132394 Cambridgeshire 100 88 0 SNR
Maguire JJ 52489 Cambridgeshire 100 84 0 C LDV
Randall TR 71003 Cambridgeshire 100 83 0 C VET
Green DC 121761 Cambridgeshire 100 83 0 C VET
Lambert S 88770 Cambridgeshire 100 82 0 C VET
Barnard C 120378 Cambridgeshire 100 82 0 C SNR
Wan JWW 73955 Cambridgeshire 100 80 0 B VET
Cook E 128251 Cambridgeshire 100 80 0 C LDY
Challis F 134838 Cambridgeshire 100 77 0 VET