Cambs Single Barrel 3rd June 2018 Cambridge GC

Hi Folks, well a fairly quiet month was June but on the 3rd we held the Cambridgeshire Single Barrel Championship at Cambridge Gun Club.  A nice but cold day and a good few shooters taking part including a good size contingent from across the border in Suffolk.

As the day unfolded it seemed that last year’s winner with a 99, Steve Kirby, would not be taking the massive shield back home with him as Steve’s score of 93 was not quite enough. Tim Jones had shot a 94 not long after Richard Croft (the recently crowned Vets DTL Champion), had also recorded a 94.  At that point a shoot off was envisaged. Going steadily on the last squad was Steve Eley, who had every chance of beating the 94 until the last round which meant he finished on a steady 92.  So we did have a shoot off to look forward to!

Meanwhile we had an unusual thing, two colts from the training program organised by The Cambridge Gun Club & Cambs CPSA had entered, and usually we never get Colts shooting Single Barrel, so this was a first. So we had, Sam Halls, the Colts winner of the Cambridgeshire Sporting, who was changing disciplines and Ethan Lord, winner of the Colts Cambridgeshire DTL and so we had a competition in progress.  The DTL winner (Ethan Lord) came out on top so is now both Cambs DTL and Cambs Single Barrel Colt Champion.

As a side note, the Cambs DTL didn’t have a Colts Trophy, but Philip Barnard offered to buy one and have it in memory of Philip’s parents Linda & John Barnard.  His Dad (John), would have been known to many of you, having supported Cambridgeshire in shooting and in his work on Cambs CPSA committee over many years.


And so the shoot off………….. Tim Jones shot an excellent 24, beating Richard Croft by 3 points – Well done Tim!


Champion. Tim Jones   94

Vets Tim Jones             94

Ladies Hazel Whiten      89

Colts Ethan Lord           57


Many thanks to Cambridge GC for their hospitality.


Allan Wright