Cambs Skeet Doubles – 25th & 26th August 2018 – Cambridge GC


Held at Cambridge Gun Club on the August Bank Holiday weekend, which was run over both days.  What a mixed weekend it was, very cold, very windy, and as if that wasn’t enough we had rain as well. But the rough weather didn’t do enough to stop Marcus Lord and Chris Morris from posting a pair of 96’s.  Both shot on the Sunday, so that made it a fair result.

L>R Peter Cook, Ethan Lord and Marcus Lord

The ladies was taken by Michele Conway with an 84 and the Vets to the solid Peter Cook with a 92. The battle of the younger ones was taken by Ethan Lord just pipping Julian Berridge, Ethan shot 76 and Julian shot 74, but as it happens Julian has just moved into Junior status so both had trophies to take home.  I can’t remember the last time this shoot was contested by both colt and junior categories so perhaps things are looking up for us.

Apart from the Championship Title which was shared between both Marcus and Chris there was the senior title also being shared for the year. Many thanks to Cambridge GC for their hospitality.

Cambridgeshire Skeet Doubles

Skeet Doubles – 29th and 30th July -– Cambridge Gun Club

As luck would have it (bad luck) another very windy weekend was had and as all you skeet shooters know skeet is best done without the wind – or at least not so strong as to make the targets hit the ground shortly after passing the centre peg; but this it did on some occasions, making the word skeet redundant in the title as in fact much more like sporting for some of the time.

We had a total of 22 cambs shooters in all and for this type of shoot I would say not too bad at all. Some very good shooting took place over the weekend and for most of Sunday, Michele Conway was leading the way with a very solid 93 which was good in the conditions. The next squad out had Chris Morris and son (and Dog), Malcolm Collins, and Steve Kirby, none of who were strangers to winning Cambs shoots, although with Steve it is mainly trap type events, being the current Cambs DTL Champion. From this squad, Malcolm Collins shot a 93 to match Michele, both also Vets but Chris came in with a 94 so taking over the lead, for a while at least. The last squad of the day went out to shoot consisting of Taylor Hedgecock, sister Ami and Grandfather Gordon Webster, all very capable shooters . Well all of a sudden the targets became easier (not)….. just easier to watch, with Taylor doing what he does best just good solid shooting, he shot a 98. Well I can say that was excellent in the conditions and it was a pleasure to watch – as it was seeing his young sister Ami making it look much easier than it was.

So Taylor claims his second County Championship of 2017 to go with the All Round Earlier in the year.

Taylor Hedgecock & Chris Morris
Matt Collins & Michele Conway

High Gun And county Champion Taylor Hedgecock 98
Senior Champion Chris Morris 94
Ladies and Shared Vets Champion Michele Conway 93
Malcom Collins also Shared Vets Champion 93
Junior Champion Taylor Hedgecock 98
Colts Champion Archie Bowman 84
(Archie will soon be needing a new skeet vest as it will be soon full of County champion badges)

I was there both days and I would say I saw some very good shooting from some very good shooters and also some bad luck from a very good shooter the current skeet Champion Albert Taylor with his Semi auto playing up and costing him targets. Many thanks to Rod And Leslie Gifford for their marathon scoring session and many thanks to Cambridge Gun Club for once again looking after us .

Thanks to Allan Wright for the report.

Full scores here:

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