28th/29th July 2018 – Cambridgeshire FITASC – Grimsthorpe SG

This weekend was when the wind and gales started and some shoots were called off, but not the Cambridgeshire FITASC, being run not for the first time at the lovely Grimsthorpe Estate Shooting Ground.  We are used to wind here in the east so the weekend was as we expected.  Bearing in mind the weather, some very good shooting took place.  Our Mark Stevenson shot a 78 followed very closely by Dan Mawby,  recently being upgraded to senior category as his age determined.  Performing well, Dan is picking up wins where ever he travels.  Dan shot 76. The top Vet was Tony Leonard with a 74. Unfortunately, no Ladies or Juniors entered this year, but 14 Cambs shooters entered in total.  So many thanks lads for flying the flag.  Thank you also to everyone at Grimsthorpe for holding the event.

Cambridgeshire FITASC

From the county chair:

The County FITASC Championship which was held on the 26/27th August at Grimsthorpe. I went on the Sunday to get some pictures but being held over 2 days the County winners shot on the Saturday so no pictures of them.  But the Cambs Championship was taken by Harry Seal with a 86 the Vets went to Steve Grant with 83 and the Ladies went to Holly Duggan with 68. These are very good scores indeed judging by the score board only two people shot better than Harry over 2 days.

Name CPSA No. Hits Points Class Category
Seal H 107556 86 0 B SNR
Stevenson M 85061 84 0 A SNR
Grant S 80383 83 0 A VET
Harding J 72207 80 0 B SNR
Dunbavin BJ 84275 79 0 B SVT
Mennie D 113616 79 0 C SNR
Spalding GR 107153 79 0 B SNR
Simpson PA 23089 78 0 C SVT
Leonard T 88361 75 0 B VET
Valentine GW 91250 75 0 C SNR
Garrod P 48264 73 0 C SVT
Duggan H 132444 68 0 D LDY
Floyd T 133928 68 0 D JNR
Webster G 56662 66 0 C VET
Grant JR 90057 63 0 D VET
Curtis T 135357 56 0 VET
Randall TR 71003 47 0 D SVT

Full scores including non-Cambridgeshire shooters are here.