Cambridgeshire English Sporting 2021

Hello everyone! Hope you are all well.

Sunday 6th June, we headed to Cambridge Gun Club for our Cambridgeshire Sporting competition. The day started warm and cloudy but around lunchtime the sun came out full force to provide the shooters with a bright and clear day. With 140 entries for the day, it was going to be a very busy day. I was refereeing on stand 11 (the grouse stand) so got to see everyone as they came through. After a slow start, squad 1 finally reached me shortly before midday. Most shooters were in high spirits and I had a good number of maximum scores on my stand (two drivens), however, I had heard ‘on the grape vine’ that stand 12 was causing all sorts of difficulties, and scores were mostly low for the stand. Some of our Cambridgeshire team had to drop out from stand 10 to return to Eriswell for their shoot offs, after having shot amazingly well there.

Our thanks go to Cambridge Gun Club for their hard work in holding this big event.

Here are the Cambridgeshire winners for the ESP in 2021:

ChampionD Stanford91
MensS Harrup91
VetsPC Simpson89
LadiesAmelia Smith72
ColtsE Lord61
(ex76 – BO Skeet shoot-off!)
AAD Stanford91
AS Harrup91
BAJ Stronge84
CCV Vail75

Congratulations, well shot everyone!

Report from Hanna Hall, Cambs Sporting Team Manager.

Full results from the CPSA website here.