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Cambridgeshire ABT Championship 2006

Cambridgeshire Individual ABT Championship – Northampton Shooting Ground – 27 th August 2006

This year’s event was a fantastic success with the weather holding off for us, and no sign of rain. Although the patchy skies did prove certain targets a bit of a handful, with the sun constantly drifting in and out, this didn’t dampen the mood of the day.

Trophy winners are:




Richard Wilson

Overall champion


Dick Aves



Jane Bell



Brittany Abbott



Richard retained the overall champion from Nick Evans by only 2 points, scores being very close throughout the four rounds.

Dick and Rod Gifford fought it out on Squad One with Dick getting the all important 82 to take the Veterans Title for this year.

For the ladies Jane and Brittany were level at 56 after the third round with all to shoot for in the forth. Jane put in a very commendable 23 to take her to that winning 79 – Well done Jane!

Brittany takes the Juniors title after shooting very well on the day, guaranteeing her a place on both the Inter-Counties and the Nationals.

We rounded off the day with a team photo showing all who attended.

This years Inter-counties and Nationals should prove Cambridgeshire having a strong and confident team. Confirmation Letters will be sent out in the next couple of weeks.

Well Shot Everyone..!

Chris Haywood

Full results:

Richard Wilson   89
Nick Evans   87
Phil Barnard   86
Mervin Canham   84
Paul Clemence   83
Dick Aves V 82
Jane Bell L 79
Dave Peart-Smith   77
Steve Manchett   74
Rod Gifford V 72
Brittany Abbott L/J 68
Tony Randell V 64
John Barnard V 62
R. Walker V 19