It’s time to start the County Championships!

Welcome to 2023. The first county championship is ABT, on the 12th of March (yes, TWO WEEKS) at the lovely Nuthampstead Shooting Ground. It’s a great ground with 4 ABT layouts (and DTL, sporting and skeet if you fancy some additional shooting) and a kitchen offering full meals and snacks. It’s a regular haunt of many of GB’s finest shooters, so you can also play “spot the Olympic medallist” if you’re bored! If you’re not sure where it is (hint, slightly south of Duxford) then click here for directions.

Remember that the county team for ABT is chosen from the results of this shoot, so do turn up if you’d like to earn a county badge and the right to wear the lovely Cambridgeshire Shooting Team clothing. We’re looking for you, Juniors and Ladies, as we’re often under-represented in those categories in the intercounties match. And of course it’s your chance to win the championship.