COVID-19 Update – Phased Return to Shooting Announced

Dear members,

Today, the CPSA sent out an email to all clubs, grounds and trade members.

The email stated that;

Following the easing of restrictions over outdoor activities,they (CPSA) had been working with the government, police and other bodies, and had received confirmation that it is now possible to start recreational clay shooting again.

They also confirmed that you as members are fully insured to clay shoot and carry shotguns in your vehicles to and from grounds as normal.

The CPSA has issued guidelines to grounds to ensure they comply with strict CV19 safety protocols and guidance.

This will be a phased return to clay shooting, with practice only on a pay/play basis.

No date has been set for a return to competition registered shoots.

As the grounds reopen, we recognise it’s a very personal choice as to whether you choose to shoot or not, and must be based upon your own personal health and potential risk to yourself and others.

This is a big step forward for shooting and we wish you all to keep safe.