Cambs OT Nuthampstead SG 23rd February 2020

Well as some would say: ” it’s a tad blustery”, but we had real downpours at times and the wind made it a struggle to stand tall or upright, but the 14 cambs shooters that came to support the first of the championships braved it all. We had a real good shoot on our hands, the scores were a little lower than usual, but they all seemed to enjoy at least part of the day.

Winners: L>R Graham Carter Champion, Sarah Christensen Ladies’ & Richard Croft Vets.

Thanks to Ed and Nicky and the staff at Nuthampstead for looking after us all again.

Overall champion G Carter. 81

Veterans R Croft.  79

Ladies S Christensen.   67

Juniors L McCollum.   66

Juniors L McCollum.   66

Graham Carter EE11821081CVeteran
Richard Croft EE10383979DSuperVeteran
Matthew Sheldrake EE12970479*Senior
Giovanni Russo EE8949477CVeteran
Paul Ward EE4797677*Veteran
Stephen Eley EE12520775*Veteran
Christopher Cheng EE13283873BVeteran
Timothy Jones EE2915170BVeteran
Ashley Smith EE13776670*Senior
Sarah Christensen EE10639467DLadies,Senior
Liam McCollum EE14025966DJunior
David Christensen EE10610665CSenior
Tony Randall EE7100363DSuperVeteran
Amelia Smith EE13785832*Ladies,Senior

Thanks to all the shooters for their support hope to see you all on the 15th March for the universal trench – we may get a bit of sun by then.

[Thanks to Tim Jones for the report]