IC DTL Squads and times 4th August 2019 Nottingham GC

The Booking times for the Cambs Team shooters at Nottingham GC for the intercounties shoot on the 4th August are as follows.

Squad 1 at 1340 is.
C Hall– Snr. P Ward– Snr. A Smith — Snr . M Sheldrake — Snr. M Webb — Snr.
Squad 2 at 1400 is.
P Barnard– Snr. M Lord — Snr. C Barnard — Snr. S Hall —Colt. E Lord — Colt.

Squad 3 at 1420 is.
R Croft —Vet. G Thatcher —Vet. D Ivey—Vet. T Jones—Vet.

Squad 4 at 1440 is.
A Smith — Ldy. M Conway — Ldy. M Webb — Ldy.

We have a space for another Lady to make the team up to its full compliment if you know of any one who might like the privilege please let me know, if you cannot make the shoot or have any queries please ring:-

Malcolm Collins
07870 558904 mobile
01954 252488 home
Many thanks Malcolm.