Cambs All Round 10th March 2019 Cambridge GC


This was another windy and wet affair but it didn’t stop the Cambridgeshire faithful from turning up to have a go at some very testing targets.  At the end of the day our 2018 county DTL Champion made it look easy posting an 85, very good in the conditions of the day, but it went right to the wire with Darren Stanford coming in with an 82. The Vets was very tight with 2 shooters on 80 Richard Croft and Peter Simpson count back had to be used as both shooters had left the ground so Richard Croft came out on top, for the second year in a row.  

Paul Ward EE47976 85 A Senior High Gun
Christopher Morris EE103791 83 A Winner Senior
Darren Stanford EE132642 82 AA Winner Senior
Mark Adams EE126882 81 A Senior
Richard Croft EE103839 80 A Veteran Champion
Robert Allen EE120278 80 A Senior
Peter Simpson EE8574 80 A Veteran
Corbie Barnard EE120378 79 A Senior
Ashley Smith EE137766 78 C Winner Senior
Philip Barnard EE34389 78 AA Senior
Brian Dunbavin EE84275 77 A Veteran
Alan Stronge EE89952 76 A Veteran
Richard Morris EE111934 76 A Senior
Timothy Jones EE29151 74 A Veteran
Tony Leonard EE88361 74 AA Veteran
Malcolm Collins EE111404 73 A Veteran
Marcus Lord EE138715 73 B Winner Senior
Marcus Webb EE132394 72 Senior
Matthew Sheldrake EE129704 71 B Senior
Dave Hewitt-Hulin EE67137 71 AA Senior
Roger Fletcher EE105141 71 Veteran
Justin Halls EE139343 68 C Senior
Samuel Halls EE139175 68 B Colt Champion
Jason Pereira EE128244 67 A Senior
Michael Whitworth EE134623 67 C Veteran
Tony Randall EE71003 65 B Veteran
Gary Thatcher EE136910 64 C Veteran
Chris Hall EE133820 60 Senior
Henry Sperring EE139173 60 Colt
Graham Brooksbank EE139701 58 Senior
Ethan Lord EE138716 56 C Colt
Amelia Smith EE137858 53 C Ladies Champion

Many thanks to Cambridge GC for their hospitality.