Cambridgeshire Olympic Trap

The Cambridgeshire Olympic Trap was held at Nuthampstead Shooting Ground on Sunday 10th September.

A total of 39 shooters took part, including 9 from Cambridgeshire – more than the usual turnout!

As usual, James Sole won with an impressive score of 94 – he has now won 10 of the last 11 years.  Sarah Christensen took the Ladies’ Trophy.  Veterans’ High Gun was Graeme Carter on 86, with Colt Ollie Cheng taking Juniors’ High Gun.

The Cambridgeshire results are:

Name CPSA No. Hits Class Category
Sole J 82030 94 A SNR
Carter GR 118210 86 B VET
Cheng C 132838 84 B SNR
Christensen D 106106 80 D SNR
Waller PC 7677 78 B VET
York AW 117142 77 D VET
Cheng O 134989 66 D JNR
Christensen S 106394 64 D LDY

Full results including non-Cambridgeshire shooters can be seen here.

Thanks to Nuthampstead for putting on a fine shoot, with full use of all four layouts!