Cambridgeshire Sportrap Sunday 31st July 2016 Eriswell Lodge.

sportrap Champions

Sportrap winners 2016 Phil Barnard & Jamie Harding

This was another clash with another big shoot; not the best way to conduct one of our major Championships, as it clashed with the East Midland FITASC intercounties, yes the FITASC was on both days, but it was not very good for the Counties Faithful. Having said that, we were not able to make a FITASC team probably for that reason. But the good news was that the Sportrap being held at Eriswell again this year was fully booked with 75 entries. Very pleasing for the County Coffers.

The shoot was held over 4 layouts 2 of which were on skeet layouts the other 2 were fitted in very nicely amongst trees and things. The last layout was the best to spectate; very close targets and I mean close Rabbits - perhaps 6 yards away and very slow and others dropping in at the same sort of distance and one doing just the opposite in the sky; a bit hard to see. But all in all a very good shoot with some testing and others you would shoot all day keeping a clean sheet .

Only one 25 was shot and that was Phil Barnard on layout one. It is my opinion that the ground was to be congratulated on a really good shoot. 28 Cambs shooters took part. Lots of names were missing including last years' Champion and the Trophy.

At the end of the day Jamie Harding shot a good steady score even on the 4th layout so he became The County Champion with a very good 92. Phil Barnard shot 88 and was runner up and he was neck and neck right to the last layout when the close targets caught him out but still a score of substance. The Vets' was also very close with both Philip Simpson and Brian Dunbavin shooting 81, but Tony Leonard managed to push ahead with 82, taking the Vets' title.

So Champ Jamie Harding 92 Senior Champ Phil Barnard 88 Ladies' Champ Michele Conway 73 Vets' Tony Leonard 82. Colt Champ K Carter 68

Name CPSA No. Hits Class Category Winners
Harding J 72207 92 AA SNR Champ
Barnard PJ 34389 88 B SNR Sr Champ
Allen R 120278 85 C SNR  
Simpson PC 8574 83 A SNR  
Leonard T 88361 82 B VET Vets'
Simpson PA 23089 81 B VET  
Bedford M 99093 81 A SNR  
Dunbavin BJ 84275 81 A VET  
Cox S 118420 79 A SNR  
Lambert S 88770 78 A VET  
Jones T 29151 77 A VET  
Cook B 124797 76 C SNR  
Morris CAJ 103791 74 B SNR  
Gregory R 122954 74 B SNR  
Conway M 1000 73 C LDV Ladies' champ
Morris R 111934 70 B SNR  
Hedgecock JB 116978 69 A SNR  
Wong WK 74081 68 C SNR  
Carter K 134539 68 CLT Colts Champ
Randall TR 71003 68 B VET  
Malyon SJ 100021 67 B SNR  
Russell JD 11796 66 B VET  
Gifford RJ 2670 65 C VET  
Taylor A 118869 64 C SNR  
Wan JWW 73955 63 C VET  
Barnard C 120378 57 C SNR  
Hedgecock A 132337 56 C LDC  
Cook E 128251 53 LDY  


L>R Taylor Hedgecock & Ami Hedgecock

L>R Holly Duggan and Philip Simpson