Cambridgeshire FITASC Grimsthorpe SG 16th and 17th April 2016

fitasc   winners 2016


 L-R : Taylor Hedgecock, Steve Grant,

Holly Duggan, Barry Simpson

The Cambridgeshire FITASC was held on Saturday and Sunday 16th/17th April and felt like two separate Championships. The Saturday started with sleet and snow and high winds; the Sunday much calmer and warmer in the sun. The differing weather had a huge effect on scores, as one might expect. The Saturday scores were much higher as the wind was by all accounts holding up the targets in the sky making higher scores possible hence the 94 shot on Saturday. It seems that by luck most of the Cambs shooters shot on Sunday; a much harder shoot, but it all worked out fair in the end. The high gun for the county shot on Sunday, as did almost all the category winners.

In a repeat of last year, Barry Simpson took the Championship, and he shot a very good 82. This was a tied score, but R Allen was not on the ground for a shoot off and so won the Senior Trophy. All the top Cambs shooters scores on the Sunday were very close and with 1 layout to go it was impossible to pick a favourite.  Barry Simpson took the title, Steve Grant won the Vets' with 81, and Holly Duggan won her second Championship, on 52, in less than a year to add the FITASC to her Sportrap title she won last year. Taylor Hedgecock took the Juniors' with a super 77. All in all, the shooters thought it was a good round as is the norm at Grimsthorpe. It was noticeable that some regular FITASC shooters were absent due to a two day shoot taking place in foreign parts on the same weekend.  Thank you to the team at Grimsthorpe for holding the Cambs FITASC this year.

[Thanks to Allan Wright for the report]

Name CPSA No Score Class Cat
Allen R 120278 82 B SNR
Simpson BJ 1374 82 B VET
Grant S 80383 81 A VET
Simpson PC 8574 79 B SNR
Simpson PA 23089 79 C VET
Dunbavin BJ 84275 79 B VET
Hedgecock T 116977 77 A JNR
Mennie D 113616 76 D SNR
Malyon SJ 100021 68 D SNR
Bedford M 99093 67 B SNR
Garrod P 48264 67 C VET
Grant JR 90057 56 D VET
Duggan H 132444 52   LDY