Cambridgeshire English Sporting Championship 3rd July 2016 Cambridge Gun Club

English Sporting Champions

ESP Winners 2016

L>R Taylor Hedgecock, Archie Bowman,

Holly Duggan, Billy Cook, James Yarrow

I will remember this for a long time, for the majority of Cambridgeshire shooters this is the big one “the Cambridgeshire Sporting Championship” and when I say big I mean Large.

Having run this shoot myself for many many years and having reached a total of 120 entries on one occasion at the Fenland Gun Club, I was overjoyed to see wave after wave of shooters arrive at Cambridge Gun Club on Sunday the 3rd of July. This was making good use of the large car park area that has just been laid out. All in all, we as a county could not have asked for more on our big day. I must say that we are so lucky in Cambridgeshire to have a ground of this calibre at our disposal and my thanks as County Chairman go out to all involved. I haven't said why.... well, we had 160 ish entries over 15 stands, all manned by top Referees, we also had probably the highest stands on any shooting ground for many miles shooting the lowest targets. All in all, a well run super shoot and long may it continue.

After 15 testing stands the top man, as he was last year, was our own Phil Gray topping up with a super 94 (The course setter said he expected a 96) the chasing pack led by Glen Spalding and I. Spencer had shot 91 and then a run of 89’s was to follow.

So Glen Spalding was runner-up and Senior Champion. The Vets' went to Brian Dunbavin with 86 and the Ladies' to Holly Duggan with 68 only one other lady got a better score that of 69, but not from Cambridgeshire. So Holly had her 3rd County Title and she has only been shooting a year.

The Juniors' went to Taylor Hedgecock with a super 87 and so held on to the trophy for another year. The Colts' went to Archie Bowman with a 70.

So for the first time for many years we are able to find full teams for the Inter Counties in all categories so we all have something to look forward to there.

County Champ Phil Gray 94
Seniors' Glen Spalding 91
Vets' Brian Dunbavin 86
Ladies' Holly Duggan 68
Juniors' Taylor Hedgecock 87
Colts' Archie Bowman 70

AA Glen Spalding 91
A W Reeve 89
B B Cook 81
C James Yarrow 74

All in all a super day. I spent all day on the ground and it was one of the best days I can remember without firing a shot myself. Many thanks once again to all involved.

Allan Wright County Chair

Joy Brown