Cambridgeshire ESK Championship Sunday 17th July Eriswell SG

Sunday 17th July was a day the Cambs skeet shooters were looking forward to and none more than me, for I just wonder if I have another year of representing my adopted County left in me and to my surprise it seems I do. 41 people made it to Eriswell (Lakenheath to me, as I have been going there for over 40 years and it was the place we went to play hooky many years ago when we should have been at work). But as I said, today it was Cambridgeshire's Skeet day.
ESK winners 2016 left to right C Morris, A Bowman, A Wright, P Cook

Colin Fordham Cambs ESK Champion

and winner of Bev Waller Trophy

Out of the 41 entrants 25 were Cambs so we knew that it was not going to be a walk in the park if you wanted to get in the team. The day was a good one with just a bit of a breeze, sometimes a bit strong, which affected some of the latter ranges out of the 4. All the ranges were manned in one case women'd with registered Referees taking care of the proceedings, so it seemed a very good day to pick for a county shoot.

When the scores started coming in, they indicated that the wind was going to play a small part in the outcome, at least for some, but not for the likes of Chris Morris who found it a walk in the park posting a 99 and not far behind was Peter Wright with a good 97. At the end of the day, two of our senior shooters Peter Cook, a former County Champion, and Albert Taylor came together in a shoot off as both had posted 96. Peter came out top after a thrilling shoot of on station 4 and became B class Champion. So at the end of the day winners were: Champion Chris Morris 99

Senior Champion Peter Wright 97

Ladies Liz Green 88

Vets Allan Wright 95

Colt Archie Bowman 89

A class Peter Wright

B class Peter Cook

C class Les Day (on count back)

Chris Morris also took the Bev Waller trophy and AA class County team Places.

Senior C Morris/ P Wright/ A Taylor/ P Cook/ P Barnard/ G Moulding/ M Adams/ L Day

Vets A Wright/ T Jones/ J Russell/ G Webster

Ladies E Green/ J Maguire/E Cook

Juniors A Bowman

Name CPSA No score Class Cat Winners Teams
Morris CAJ 103791 99 AA SNR Champion S
Wright PR 48500 97 A SNR Snr Champion & A class S
Taylor A 118869 96 B SNR   S
Cook P 5051 96 B SNR B class S
Wright AW 100 95 A VET Vets' V
Moulding G 123498 91 A SNR   S
Russell JD 11796 91 B VET   V
Jones T 29151 91 A VET   V
Clarke A 56700 90 A VET    
Adams M 126882 89 C SNR   S
Bowman A 132368 89 CLT Colts' J
Barnard PJ 34389 89 A SNR   S
Day L 110293 89 C SNR C class on countback S
Green E 110402 88 B LDV Ladies' L
Pereira J 128244 87 SNR    
Cook B 124797 87 C SNR    
Maguire JJ 52489 87 B LDV   L
Cook E 128251 84 C LDY   L
Webster G 56662 84 A VET   V
Maguire PA 50397 83 C VET    
Green DC 121761 82 C VET    
Whitworth M 134623 78 VET    
Barnard C 120378 76 C SNR    
Randall TR 71003 74 C VET    
Green A 110401 41 C SNR    


Full results including non-Cambridgeshire shooters available here,