Cambridgeshire DTL 25th and 26th of June Cambridge Gun Club

This was the long awaited opening of the new DTL ranges and what better way to start than to hold the Cambridgeshire DTL Championship.

The Championship was held over 2 days, as when it was applied for, only 2 ranges were available.  But little did we know what things were to happen in the following months.  The work did mean that the original ranges had to close down for a fairly long period, mostly as the weather made it impossible to do the construction on the sodden soil.  But it was worth the wait and in the near future all the ranges will be covered as well.

DTL Champions

DTL Winners 2016

L>R Derek McLean, Steve Kirby, Archie Bowman & Tim Jones

Back to the shooting...
Over two days of shooting our top man was Steve Janes from Bedfordshire with a 99/293 when I say our top man he was The High gun of the weekend, in fact I shot on his squad and he did look impressive.

On the last squad of the day was a very impressive Steve Kirby, who came in with a 96/284.  When I say impressive, this was as the wind had got up and was pushing the targets low to the right that made this shoot not for the faint hearted.  This was the same score from another Cambs shooter, Tim Jones, that had shot much earlier in the day only Tim had the 97 version but never the less a shoot off was to be run.

The shoot off proved to be just up the street for Steve and he is now Cambridgeshire DTL Champion 2016. Tim took The Vets trophy and B class so not a bad day for him as well.
So this is how it looked on the leader board.

Champion Steve Kirby.284
Senior Champion Richard Morris 282
Runner up And Vets Tim Jones
Ladies Hazel Whiten 262
Colt Archie Bowman  202
AA Derek Mclean 278
A   Richard Morris 282
B  Tim Jones 284
C  John Russell 276

The County Teams for 2016 are as follows
S Kirby
R Morris
D Mclean
P Wright
M Sheldrake
P Ward
P Barnard
M Adams

Vets Team
T Jones
J Russell
A Wright
M Collins

Ladies Team
H Whiten
F Jacobs
E Cook
S Sharpstone

Junior Team
A Bowmam
A Hedgecock
The East Midlands Intercounties DTL will be held at Nottingham Gun Club on the 18th September hope to see you all there.

Thanks to Allan Wright for the report.

Name CPSA Kills Points Class cat
Jones T 29151 97 284 B VET
Kirby S 95341 96 284 A SNR
Morris R 111934 98 282 A SNR
Mclean DW 124811 95 278 AA SNR
Russell JD 11796 93 276 C VET
Wright PR 48500 95 274 AA SNR
Sheldrake M 129704 92 273 AA SNR
Wright AW 100 94 273 B VET
Ward P 47976 95 271 A SNR
Collins MD 111404 91 267 B VET
Barnard PJ 34389 94 263 B SNR
Whiten H 111933 90 262 B LDY
Morris CAJ 103791 89 258 AA SNR
Adams M 126882 90 258 C SNR
Barnard C 120378 89 256 C SNR
Jacobs BJ 56060 88 253 B VET
Sharpstone HS 82924 87 251 B VET
Jacobs FA 96394 86 249 C LDV
Webster G 56662 87 245 A VET
King J 53876 81 233 B SNR
Belham IJ 128536 78 220 C VET
Randall TR 71003 78 218 C VET
Cook E 128251 74 204 LDY
Bowman A 132368 70 202 CLT
Ivey D 27473 69 197 B VET
Williams MJ 62117 69 190 A VET
Hedgecock A 132337 59 166 LDC
Sharpstone S 129539 60 160 C LDV
Eley S 125207 42 124 A SNR
Cook B 124797 40 112 A SNR