Cambridgeshire All Round Cambridge GC 20th & 21st August 2016

One of the most exciting disciplines in clay shooting; the Cambridgeshire All Round took place on the weekend of the 20th & 21st August at Cambridge Gun Club. Clashing with the Intercounties Sporting we didn't expect to have a large entry, but we were pleasantly surprised when we finished with 60 entries - the highest for a good few years.

DTL Champions

All Round Winners 2016

L>R: A Bowman, T Jones, P Barnard, P Wright,

(K Weaver, Bedfordshire, C Class Comp winner )

Saturday was a day of very high winds, making even the single barrel a very testing target. As Sunday’s contingents turned out and saw the score of 89 on the board from Duane Morley, some must have thought perhaps they came to the wrong place on this Sunday morning. Added to that, the wind was also very strong making it a tough day ahead. As the day went on it looked like Duane's score of 89 could be enough with several 87’s appearing from Robert Allen, Tim Jones and Steve Janes. However, as very often happens, there was a twist in the tale. Peter Wright shot the only 25 straight of the day on the Skeet and Philip Barnard shot a 24 on the ABT, both shot a 21 on the sporting. The only person to top that on the sporting was Robert Allen with a well shot 22. This meant that both Philip and Peter tied with a 90 and so a shoot off had to take place. Philip came out top on that encounter and became County Champion and Peter took AA.

Results: Champ Philip Barnard 90

Vets Champ Tim Jones 87

Lady Champ Sarah Christensen 71

Junior Taylor Hedgecock 73

Colt Archie Bowman 66

AA Peter Wright 90

A Tim Jones 87

B Robert Allen 87

C Steve Eley 74

Name CPSA No Score Class Cat
Wright PR 48500 90 AA SNR
Barnard PJ 34389 90 A SNR
Allen R 120278 87 B SNR
Jones T 29151 87 A VET
Morris R 111934 85 A SNR
Webster G 56662 85 B VET
Valentine GW 91250 83 A SNR
Morris CAJ 103791 82 A SNR
Collins MD 111404 81 A VET
Bowes M 109720 81 A SNR
Mennie D 113616 81 A SNR
Fryer MP 39268 80 VET
Bedford M 99093 80 SNR
Bailey J 133354 79 SNR
Graves J 132975 79 SNR
Stronge AJ 89952 78 A VET
Wright AW 100 75 A VET
Eley S 125207 74 C SNR
Gray PJ 103289 74 AA SNR
Nunn C 123558 73 B SNR
Norman C 123231 73 B SNR
Hedgecock T 116977 73 AA JNR
Christensen D 106106 72 B SNR
Christensen S 106394 71 C LDY
Moore P 97684 70 B VET
Randall TR 71003 70 B VET
Pereira J 128244 70 SNR
Adams M 126882 70 SNR
Wan JWW 73955 67 C VET
Ashley P 69278 67 C SNR
Challis F 134838 66 VET
Dunbavin BJ 84275 66 AA VET
Bowman A 132368 66 CLT
Smith D 124008 66 B VET
Hedgecock A 132337 64 LDC
Barnard C 120378 62 SNR
Snare I 123885 61 C SNR
Gordon ER 49332 60 B VET
Whitworth M 134623 58 VET
Shorter C 134862 51 SNR
Cook E 128251 51 LDY
Pilcher KDA 128398 50 SNR