Cambridgeshire Individual ABT Championship Sunday 24th July - Northampton SG

Fifteen of the County’s bravest turned out to have a go at one of the hardest disciplines we have in the CPSA. Targets all going away at different heights and angles and fast, very fast; although you wouldn’t know these difficulties watching the likes of Paul Ward, Steve Kirby, Chris Morris and Philip Barnard. I don’t think I have ever seen shooters hitting targets with as much ferocity as I did today but that was the way to get a good score and I saw some very good shooting indeed. For most of the day Chris Morris was the boss with a super 89 and I expected that to be it, but on the last squad Steve Kirby was matching Philip Barnard and also David Christensen shot by shot although I think David would have won the most second shots competition.
ABT Winners

ABT Winners 2016

L>R Phil Barnard and Steve Kirby

When the curtain came down it was Philip who by knocking a small piece off his last hard right hander from peg 5 with his second barrel (which shoes how important second shots are) turned out to be the winner by one clay. Sarah Christensen came along to keep her title from last year but a gun problem meant she had to shoot with a gun foreign to her and that proved too much of a handicap. So the results: Champion Philip Barnard 91, Seniors' Champion Steve Kirby 90, Vets’ Champion Malcolm Collins 84, Ladies’ Champion Hazel Whiten 73

Name CPSA NO Score Class Cat Winners
Barnard PJ 34389 91 A SNR Champion
Kirby S 95341 90 C SNR Seniors'
Morris CAJ 103791 89 C SNR  
Ward P 47976 88 B SNR  
Christensen D 106106 84 C SNR  
Collins MD 111404 84 C VET Vets'
Russell JD 11796 82 D VET  
Jones T 29151 81 C VET  
Whiten H 111933 73 D LDY Ladies'
Wright PR 48500 72 A SNR  
Randall TR 71003 69 D VET  
Barnard C 120378 67 SNR  
Wright AW 100 67 C VET  
Christensen S 106394 62 D LDY  


Thanks to Allan Wright for the report