AGM Report and Committee 2015 Quy Mill

2015 AGM Good evening and thank you all for coming. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Michele Conway and I currently Chair the County Committee. (I would like to welcome on your behalf our speaker for this evening, Sam Grice a well-known local coach.)

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Malcolm Collins
Michele Conway - Chair
Tim Jones
Janet Maguire - Hon. Treasurer
Jamie Harding
Chris Morris
Philip Simpson
Pete Waller
Hazel Whiten - Hon secretary

You have the agenda, the format of the evening is that we will have the Chair's address and summary of the year in the County, then the business meeting followed by a short break for refreshments. After the break Sam Grice will give a short talk and will then present the County Awards for 2014.

So to item 1.

Cambridgeshire CPSA Committee 2015

committee 2015

L>R Malcolm Collins, Michele Conway, Philip Simpson,

Jamie Harding, Pete Waller, Hazel Whiten, Chris Morris and Tim Jones.

It has been a good year for the County and we have had some real successes. Last year we decided to do the fixtures list when the main CPSA list has settled down and when East Midlands have declared their dates and this led to fewer clashes than the year before so we will do the same this year. The calendar will be published on the website and in Pull magazine.

The level of attendance at County fixtures has been good and I would like to thank everyone who supported them as well as the grounds who hosted them. There have been decreases in attendance at some events balanced by steady increases in the numbers in others. You will see from the financial statement that the levies are very slightly down on last year but we have yet to collect the levies from some events.

Many thanks to all of our shooters who took part in our County Championships and gave up their time, and money, to represent the County in the East Midlands and National Intercounties events.

Our County teams did do well in the East Midlands Inter-counties team events. There are 8 counties in East Midlands and 6 intercounties events which can have four teams each so a possible 24 teams per county. Cambridgeshire entered 19 teams, which is very good – the missing 5 were Seniors, Juniors and Ladies at FITASC and Juniors at DTL and ABT. Our 19 is good, we had the third highest number of teams and some Counties could only manage 10 or 11.

Once again, at the East Midlands Intercounties Skeet, our Ladies (Lauren Hodson, Janet Maguire, Liz Cook and Michele Conway) and Juniors (George MacFarlane and Dan Mawby) won and this year our Seniors and Veterans were both runners up. At the All Round, our Veterans (Rod Gifford, Gordon Tate and Brian Dunbavin) and our Juniors (Josh Pearson, Taylor Hedgecock and Dan Mawby) both won and our Ladies team were runners up. Our Ladies ( Sarah Christensen, Hazel Whiten and Janet Maguire) were also runners up at the Down the Line and Sarah had the highest individual Ladies score.

Our Veterans (Phillip Simpson, Brian Dunbavin, Alan Strong and Rod Gifford won the Sporting for Cambridgeshire and Phillip and Peter Simpson, Brian Dunbavin and Tony Leonard were runners up at the FITASC.

These excellent results in the East Midlands meant that we were runners up - again - to Suffolk for the Directors Trophy, just a couple more wins is all we need! FITASC seems to be our downfall – we do need to field a full set of FITASC teams this year and we are looking for a good team manager! County shooters can manage to win medals in 4 Categories at the UK open FITASC so we must be able to muster a county team.

In the individual East Midlands events, Cambridgeshire had a clean sweep in the Sportrap, Taylor Hedgecock won the overall Championship as well as the Junior title, Brian Dunbavin won the Veterans title and I shot my worst ever score but was handed the Ladies title as no other Ladies showed up. Taylor also won the Junior FITASC title. Tim Jones won the Veterans Helice title and I won ladies.

The Sporting brought a Simpson family 1-2 in Veterans with Barry beating Phillip for the title. UT brought a Junior victory for George Waller and I won Ladies and (sorry about this Brian) Veterans at the All Round. Overall in East Midland individual events we do have a real star - congratulations to Chris Morris for winning East Midlands Supreme Champion.

At the National Intercounties, our Ladies team (Hazel Whiten, Sarah Christensen and Michele Conway) were runners up in the DTL, our Veterans (Rod Gifford, Colin Fordham and Peter Maguire) and our Juniors (Dan Mawby and George Macfarlane) were runners up in the Skeet and George was Junior High Gun. In the Sporting our Juniors team were runners up with Taylor Hedgecock taking Junior High Gun.

Our County was also well represented at International events. Shooting for England in the Home Internationals were Anita North at Olympic Trap and Georgia Moule at FITASC. Anita was part of the winning Ladies and LJV teams and was 2nd overall in Ladies. Georgia was part of the winning Ladies team and 3rd overall in Ladies. Phillip Simpson and Brian Dunbavin were members of the winning England Superveterans team at the World Sporting Championships.

Shooting for Great Britain in 2014 were Jane Bell, Michele Conway, Peter Waller, Steve Grant, Georgia Moule and Freddie Killander. Jane was in the Helice Ladies team who won silver at the European Championships in Madrid and I was in the Helice Ladies team who won silver at the World Championships in Bologna. Peter was in the Winning Veterans team at the Universal Trench European Championships in Portugal. Steve was in the winning Veterans Team at the European Compak Championship in France and the Veterans team winning Silver at the World FITASC Sporting. Georgia shot FITASC Sporting in both the European and World Championships and is a member of the FITASC Sporting Junior Academy. Freddie shoots in the Great Britain Olympic Skeet squad.

County shooters were also successful in individual National and International competitions. At the UK FITASC Sporting, Taylor Hedgecock won Silver in Juniors, Georgia Moule Silver in Ladies, Steve Grant Gold in Veterans and Brian Dunbavin Silver in Supervets, Brian also won Gold in Supervets at the English Open FITASC. We can do FITASC! At the English Open Compak Taylor won Bronze in Juniors, Steve won Silver in Veterans and Brian won Silver in Supervets. Steve and Brian both won Bronze in their class at the UK and British Grand Prix respectively.

Champions 2014

committee 2015

L>R Chris Morris, David Christensen, Derek McLean,

Pete Waller, Phil Barnard and Tim Jones.

Taylor was the Colt High Gun at the English Open Sporting, Junior High Gun and a member of the winning regional junior team at the British Open Sportrap, 2nd in Colts at the World Sportrap and 3rd in Colts at the World English Sporting. Brian Dunbavin and Phillip Simpson were part of the winning regional veterans team at the British Open Sporting. Congratulations to everyone concerned and apologies to anyone that I have missed out, it's always dangerous to compile a list of winners in case you miss the obvious!

Next I would like to thank the Committee for all their hard work. Particular thanks to Hazel Whiten who has done sterling work as Secretary, Janet Maguire the efficient Treasurer, the team managers Rod Gifford, Tim Jones, Phillip Simpson, Chris Morris and Peter Waller and Malcolm Collins for looking after the difficult matter of team clothing. More skeet vests are on order. Also many thanks to those not on the Committee who have given hours of their time to the county, Sarah Christensen who looks after our website which we all depend on for information and results and Lesley Gifford for her fundraising which is of such benefit to our County funds.

Elections for the new Committee will be held later in this meeting, it is both an honour and a responsibility to serve on the County Committee. The time commitment depends totally on the number of committee members there are to share out the work between. The main job of individual Committee members is to manage the County Teams and if you have a love of a particular discipline and would like to manage the County team in that discipline – particularly FITASC - then the Committee needs you.

If you have ideas for fundraising, new County events, social or otherwise, or ideas for raising the profile of our sport in our County then the Committee needs you. It is not a huge time commitment and it is very rewarding. You all have copies of the financial statement and as you can see we have a healthy balance. We do not want to keep large sums of what is, after all, your money and, on behalf of the County I would like to thanks all of you who have helped to support the County financially by, amongst other things, attending County shoots, buying raffle tickets and supplying raffle prizes. We try to ensure that the money we take in is ploughed back into the County shooters, especially our Juniors.

I would like to welcome, on your behalf, Sam Grice, a well-known coach, who has kindly agreed to give up his evening to talk to us. Sam has kindly agreed to present the trophies and we will start with the overall County Champions’ keepsakes. Next we have the Supreme Champion award, which was won this year by Chris Morris. As is traditional I will present the keepsake to Chris Morris – last year’s winner – and he will present the actual trophy to this year’s winner – David Christensen.

It was a close fought contest, Dave has calculated that if he had hit two birds fewer at he Skeet then he would have lost. As it was he hit his first 100 straight at that strategic moment! Well done Dave!

Finally Sam could I ask you to draw the raffle for us please? Thanks you all for attending, I wish you a safe journey home and new committee to stay

2014 Champions: ABT – Chris Morris; All Round – David Christensen; Double Rise – Phil Barnard; Down the Line – Derek McLean; Double Trap – James Sole; English Skeet – David Christensen; FITASC – Jamie Harding; Helice – Tim Jones; Olympic Skeet – Freddie Killander; Olympic Trap – James Sole; Single Barrel – Phil Barnard; Skeet Doubles – Peter Cook; Sporting – Phil Gray; Sportrap – Phil Gray; Universal Trench – Peter Waller and Supreme Champion David Christensen.

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