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Cambs CPSA AGM 8.00pm Monday 19th January 2015 Quy Mill

Sam Grice has kindly agreed to speak and will be talking about 'Shooting Improvements'.


The final set of Cambs results are now in to see the results for Skeet Doubles go here. This can only mean one thing: The Cambridgeshire Supreme Champion has been decided. If you want to keep the surpise as to who the winner for 2014 is until the AGM, look away now as they say, or if you absolutely can't wait follow this link.......are you sure?....really really sure? Sneak preview of 2014 Cambridgsire Supreme Champion click >HERE< The contest was very tightly fought once the new rule of top twelve scores to count. There was a mere TWO CLAYS in it! Other than that, we're not going to tell you any more until the AGM early next year. Watch this space for the date!


Intercounties ABT squad times at Nottingham are as follows
1.20pm  1.40pm 2pm 
Chris Morris  Rod Gifford Michele Conway
Hazel Whiten Peter Waller David Christensen
Malcolm Collins Colin Fordham Sarah Christensen
Phil Barnard Graham Carter
Chris Johnstone Mike Williams
Steve Kirby

UT results now in and Supreme Champion scores now have sporttrap scores.

Important News: Unannounced Police visits to certificate holders – CPSA advice to members.

From 15th October police forces will be taking part in an initiative to ensure firearms are being kept and stored securely. New Home Office guidance allows the police to make unannounced visits to check on the security arrangements of certificate holders under certain circumstances although it should be noted that the police do not have any new powers of entry.

The new Home Office guidance to the police states:

Where it is judged necessary, based on specific intelligence in light of a particular threat, or risk of harm, the police may undertake an unannounced home visit to check the security of a certificate holder’s firearms and shotguns. It is not expected that the police will undertake an unannounced home visit at an unsocial hour unless there is a justified and specific requirement to do so on the grounds of crime prevention or public safety concerns and the police judge that this action is both justified and proportionate.

It is recognised that there is no new power of entry for police or police staff when conducting home visits. To mitigate any misunderstanding on the part of the certificate holder the police must provide a clear and reasoned explanation to the certificate holder at the time of the visit.”

Advice to CPSA members:

CPSA is advising members to ensure their security arrangements are maintained to an appropriate standard and that guns are stored securely as soon as owners have finished using and cleaning them (click here to read Shotgun Security: your responsibility). They should also comply at all times with their security obligations as per the conditions on their certificate. The police are required to provide a clear and reasoned explanation to the certificate holder at the time of the visit. CPSA members should be left in no doubt as to why the visit is being made. The police do not have an automatic statutory right of entry but CPSA recommends a sensible and cooperative approach to this type of situation.

It is possible that the reason for visiting may not be specifically about the certificate holder but may relate to other factors such as local crime. There is an expectation of elementary cooperation from certificate holders following a reasonable request to check the security of your shotguns.

If CPSA members feel that any visit has not been undertaken properly they should first draw this to the attention of the local force; clearly stating the reasons why they believe this to be the case. CPSA, on behalf of its members, will challenge robustly any police force which does not follow the Home Office guidelines.

A crime-stoppers line will also be launched for anyone with concerns about firearms security or about sudden changes in behaviour of certificate holders. However, CPSA does not believe this is necessary or appropriate. In collaboration with our colleagues, CPSA will be monitoring this closely.

Intercounties Successes!

Well done to our Vets and Juniors in the National Intercounties Skeet on 12th October. Seniors were only a fraction of a clay each behind the winners.
National IC ESK      
High Gun Neil Faulkner 37127 100
Ladies High Gun Tia Ayres 122005 94
Junior High Gun George MacFarlane 122508 95
Veteran High Gun Alex Phillips 99941 99
Colt High Gun George Owen 126843 94
Winning Senior Team Yorkshire 489
Runner Up Senior Team Northamptonshire 487
Winning Ladies Team Yorkshire 185
Runner Up Ladies Team Surrey 183
Winning Junior Team Northamptonshire 187
Runner Up Junior Team Cambridgeshire 183
Winning Veteran Team Cambridgeshire 192
Runner Up Veteran Team Sussex 191

Meanwhile, the Cambs Ladies' teams were only beaten by a whisker in both the DTL National Intercounties competition. We might have only just missed it this year, but we'll have 'em next year won't we ladies!

National IC DTL      
High Gun Lee Kirby 115837 100/299
Ladies High Gun Charlotte Kitchen 118936 97/282
Junior High Gun Joe Booth 117408 100/295
Veteran High Gun Rob Haines 116979 100/298
Colt High Gun Ryan Sharpe 124036 88/241
Winning Senior Team Hereford & Worcestershire 1486
Runner Up Senior Team Yorkshire 1474
Winning Ladies Team Lincolnshire 558
Runner Up Ladies Team Cambridgeshire 553
Winning Junior Team Nottinghamshire 563
Runner Up Junior Team Yorkshire 523
Winning Veteran Team Lincolnshire 589
Runner Up Veteran Team Derbyshire 587
National IC ESP      
High Gun Jack Lovick 110965 92
Runner Up Colin Saich 26778 92
Ladies High Gun Pauline Chapman 111792 78
Junior High Gun Taylor Hedgecock 116977 81
Veteran High Gun Colin Saich 26778 92
Colt High Gun Tom McGregor 123850 77
Winning Senior Team Suffolk 417
Runner Up Yorkshire 410
Winning Ladies Team Yorkshire 149
Runner Up Suffolk 139
Winning Junior Team Suffolk 153
Runner Up Cambridgeshire 152
Winning Veteran Team Leicestershire 175
Runner Up Suffolk 161



Supreme Champion Clarification of Rules in Event of a Tie

This is the first year that Supreme Champion scores have been so close. On several occasions during the run-up, the scores have tied. In the event of a tie, after completion of the competition, the shooter who has scored the most 11's takes the title. Should that not break the tie then the number of 10's will be counted, then 9's and so on until the tie is broken and there is a clear winner.

Supreme Champion updated to include Single Barrel scores here.

DT results now in and Supreme Champion results updated. James Sole won overall with an impressive score of 112 with Malcolm Collins on 86 taking Vets' and Hazel Whiten the Ladies' on 75.


FITASC now in report here.

Trophy winners were as follows: -
Jamie Harding  Cambridgeshire County FITASC Sporting Champion 2014 score of 91
Glen Spalding Senior HG shield score of 88 (Glen is also a new cap for England FITASC team)
Georgia Moule   Ladies HG shield score of 73
Taylor Hedgecock   Juniors HG shield score of 86
Philip Simpson   Veterans HG shield score of 90
No Colts attended.

ESP report now in. ESP champion was Phil Gray with Steve Grant taking the Seniors. Some fine scores were put in, full report here.


Supreme Champion has been updated with raw scores for ZZ and ESP. Awaiting report; ZZ report is here ESP results here. OT results from Nuthampstead are now in report here. OSK results are now in, see here.


Venue Change EM All Round

For reasons beyond our control, the venue of the East Midlands Intercounties All Round has had to be changed. The date of August 3rd remains the same, but the new venue will be Northampton Shooting Ground. Telephone entries are already being taken by contacting Martine on 01604-781741. Shooting will start at 9-00am. Please accept our apologies for the late change.


Public Information Announcement for a ZZ Fixture, Rugby:

ZZ Fixture at Rugby - incorrect date published in Pull! This is not a Cambs or EM registered competition, those dates remain the same as published on the calendar. The ZZ / Helice at Rugby is Sunday June 1st,   Practice starts 9.30. The Fixture in Pull Magazine June 8th is incorrect. There is NOT a ZZ /  Helice fixture on that day.

Supreme Champion results so far include DR, AR, ABT, ESK and DTL. Scores on the doors are here.

AR at Cambridge Gun Club has been shot, well done to David Christensen for scoring 91 and taking the championship, with not one, but two straights. One in skeet (unsurprising after his 100 straight in the Cambs ESK competition) and more impressively, the ABT leg of the competition!

Cambs Double Rise has also been shot at Sywell. Report here.

The Cambridgshire ABT has now been shot.

Chris Morris has again won the Championship with an 87, Graham
Carter was close on his heels with 86 to win the Senior Trophy, Sarah Christensen posted 75 to win the Ladies' for the second year running, Rod Gifford and Mike Williams both tied on 66 for the Veterans', sadly Mike was not available for a shoot off, so Rod took the Vets'. The Juniors' was won by Jack Badcock on 58. Well done Jack and all our winners. Full report here


Cambs ESK has now been shot in combination with the Bev Waller cup. It was a tightly fought competition concluding in the champion shooting his first hundred straight, very well done Dave Christensen! He also won the Bev Waller Memorial Trophy.

Chris Morris posted a 99 on the the first squad to win AA and the Senior trophy, Phil Barnard with 93 won A class, Tim Jones with 97 took B class, Peter Maguire scored 89 winning C class. Lauren Hodson won the Ladies and Junior titles with a 94. Full report here.

We now have a complete set of dates for fixtures for your diaries. For Cambs dates go here and the full calendar (also showing free weekends) here. DTL results are now in. Congratulations to D Mclean, R Peacock, C Morris, G Russo, M Canham, N Jeffrey G Waller and M Conway. DTL report and DTL team members here.


AGM at Quy Mill

The AGM was held at Quy Mill with the new committee being voted in.

The Committee for 2014 are:

Name Contact email
Malcolm Collins
Michele Conway - Chair
Rod Gifford ESK
Tim Jones DTL
Janet Maguire - Hon. Treasurer
Pietro Mastroeni FITASC
Chris Morris AR
Philip Simpson ESP
Pete Waller ABT
Hazel Whiten - Hon secretary
Sarah Christensen is our webmaster, any web related problems please email her webmaster. For the AGM report please see here which also contains details of the County Champions.