Committee 2013

    Daniel Twinn ESP and FITASC Manager

    Please note that emails are of the form "", except the two Grahams, where we are using the intial of their surnames to distinguish between the two.

Cambridgeshire Committee 2013
L to R Rod Gifford, Janet Maguire, Malcolm Collins,
Michele Conway, Phil Gray, Hazel Whiten,
Graham Field, Su Field, Daniel Twinn & Graham Carter

All the committee members are unpaid volunteers. They work hard on your behalf to ensure that there are trophies and classes to be won, fixtures are organised, teamwear is available, teams are organised, that the books are straight and that minutes reflect an accurate record of meetings and what was decided. If you have an issue that needs to be resolved, and you are at a shoot, please wait for the committee member to finish shooting before raising your issue. They have paid for their enjoyment just like you.

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