Cambridgeshire Universal Trench Championship 2012

Belinda York, Nick Evans
Belinda York, Tim Jones, David Christensen & Paul Ashley


November the 4th: the last outing of the season for the Cambridgeshire Travellers. How lucky were the few that went to Nuthampstead for the Cambs Universal Trench Championship. You could say that the sun shone down on the few that went, as it was the wettest day I can remember. As the ranges were under cover, we had a good dry shoot with just the short walk from club house, to car, to range, to contend with.
As at Northampton a few weeks earlier, Squad 1 peg I was taken by David Christensen. This was, it seems, the place to be, at least it was for David to continue as he left off at the double rise.
David's 76 was enough to win his second County Championship of 2012, but it was nip and touch with Paul Ashley starting to find form as the day progressed. Paul finished with a fine 74.
Tim Jones did enough to win the Vets’ by just a couple of targets from the ever young John Barnard, by shooting a 61 and that included missing about 6 targets in a row.
Belinda York, one of  our trap stalwarts took the Ladies with a 66.
County Champion David Christensen 76
Runner up and Seniors’ Champion Paul Ashley 74
Vets’ Tim Jones 61
Ladies’ Belinda York 66
Many thanks to Nuthampstead Shooting Ground for looking after us for the day.
This is my last report and just to remind you all the county AGM  is on  Wednesday the 23rd January 2013 at the social club Willingham 7.30 start.


(Thanks to Allan Wright for the report)

CPSA No. Hits Class Category
ASHLEY P 69278 74 C SNR
RUSSO A 123033 69 D SNR
MCLEAN D 124811 68   SNR
CARTER GR 118210 67 C SNR
YORK BJ 49951 66 C LDY
ELEY S 125207 63   SNR
RUSSO G 123034 62 C SNR
JONES T 29151 61 D SNR
BARNARD J 29112 59 D VET
WRIGHT AW 100 56   VET
HISLOP CD 83717 55   SNR


For the full scores including non-Cambridgeshire shooters, see here on the main cpsa website.