Cambridgeshire has teams in the disciplines shown below. Membership of the teams is decided by performance on the day in the corresponding county championship. Qualifiers will be contacted by the county secretary to confirm their place. If they are unable to attend the intercounties match, the next best performers in the championship will be picked. In the absence of sufficient numbers, or to resolve ties, current averages will be used to pick shooters.

The regional intercounties shoots for 2011 for the East Midlands are:

Cambridgeshire squads all start at 0945
Team Details Here
D.T.L. NOTTINGHAM & DGC September 18th Team Details Here
ALL ROUND NORTHAMPTON GC September 11th Team Details Here
A.B.T. NOTTINGHAM & DGC October 23rd Team Details Here
ENGLISH SKEET LAKENHEATH CTC September 25th Team Details Here
F.I.T.A.S.C. LAKENHEATH CTC October 30th  



One of the few perks of representing your county is the right to buy some stylish and oh-so-desperately-elitist County Team Clothing embroidered with the county crest. For what is available and how you can obtain it - see here for details.