STR Colts Bronze

Josh Pearson,
Colts' Bronze, British Open Sportrap


1st November: It was Officially Torrential for the OT at Nuthampstead on 1st November, with the blustery gusting wind making James Sole miss a whole 7 targets (!) on his way to retaining his County Olympic Trap title. Anita North took the Ladies, Jon Barnard the Vets and Taylor Hedgecock the Juniors'. And that's it for this year's championships. Thanks to all those who supported them.

25th October: The ever-challening (particularly with low targets in a blustery wind) Double Rise competition saw the usual suspects turn out to Northampton Shooting Ground. What no-one expected was the surprise first-ever-county-championship win for Graham Carter with 81, just one target ahead of Phil Barnard. Jon Barnard took the Vets' on 74 (3 clear of Rod Gifford), Sarah Christensen took the Ladies' on 62 and Taylor Hedgecock took the Juniors' on 44. Photo and full scores here. FSP and ESP team results details also updated today.

18th October: Congratulations to Cambridgeshire Seniors and Juniors, taking the FITASC titles at the East Midlands Intercounties at Lakenheath. The Seniors pipped Leicestershire by a single clay, whilst the Juniors romped home with a clear lead. More details and photo here (and in the Cambridge Evening News).

4th October: Fenland Gun Club's Charity shoot, the Carol Wright Memorial, saw over 170 entries and raised over £4,000 for Cancer Research and the Air Ambulance. High Gun was Stuart Clarke with 92.

27th September: A busy day at Mid Norfolk Shooting School saw the East Midlands Intercounties take place in blazing sunshine. Suffolk's usual dominance of the event was comprehensively broken by Cambridgeshire (taking the Veterans' title) and Norfolk (taking the rest). Well done to our Vets: Barry Simpson, Brian Dunbavin, P Garrod and Rod Gifford. Full scores and photo now up here.

20th September: Unusually calm and sunny weather lead some shooters to wonder if they were at the right shooting ground for the East Midlands Intercounties DTL. However, despite this assistance Cambridgeshire put in its tradtional mixed bag of results at DTL - equal last in the seniors, second in the Ladies', second in the Vets', last in the Juniors'.

6th September - The British Open Sporttrap saw two Cambridgeshire medals - Philip Simpson was won silver in the Veterans on 86, and Josh Pearson won Bronze in the Colts on 75. Meanwhile in the British Open Sporting, also at Lakenheath, Phil Gray took Silver in the Juniors with 84, while Barry Simpson took the Grandparent prize on 79.

The East Midlands Intercounties Skeet were held at Nottingham & District Gun Club on 6th September 2009, in the traditional Notts gale. This year it was the Ladies' team's turn to bring home the glassware, with a win by a single target on 183 ahead of Northants' 182. The seniors failed to retain their title with a slightly disappointing 94.2 average, although Peter Cook did well to put a miss on High 1 (Layout 1) behind him to finish on 97. The Vets, with 181, didn't get close to Norfolk and the eventual winners Nottinghamshire with their 190s. Cambridgeshire's Junior team - in fact largely colts - struggled in the cold gusting wind to 154. Full scores here.

August 23rd - A mere week after their selection in the county championships, the ABT teams were in action at Nottingham shooting ground. Full details here, but suffice it to say the standard of ABT in the county is on the up; the top four scores (to count) in the seniors' team were all in the 90s, and the team was a mere two clays short of 2nd place...

ABT Winners

ABT Winners: Belinda York (Ladies') Chris Morris (County Champion)
John Barnard (Vets') George Waller (Juniors').
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The close competition at the top of the Champion of Champions competition lead to a new face on the Cambridgeshire ABT scene at Nuthampstead on August 16th; although he has shot ABT as part of All Round a number of times, this was Chris Morris' second ever registered ABT shoot, and what a performance he managed! Friendly rivalry with David Christensen, shooting in the same squad, kept Chris on his toes as he put in scores of 23,24,25 (one ahead of David in each case). Realising that it was all still to play for in the last layout (not least with Phil Barnard 22/22/23 and Belinda York 22/23/20 remaining in contention), Chris and David managed to spook themselves into shooting 20 and 21 respectively. Phil Barnard needed a straight on the last layout to force a shoot-off, but dropped a single target. Chris Morris therefore took the County Championship with 92 (ahead of Phil on 91 and David on 90). Belinda York took the Ladies' on 88, George Waller the Juniors' on 79 and John Barnard the Vets' on 78.

County Championship Date Change: Olympic Trap at Nuthampstead has been moved to 1st November. Please tell other Cambridgeshire shooters that you know who don't have web access!

The East Midlands Intercounties All Round was at High Tower Shooting School on 8th and 9th August 2009. The Ladies managed 3rd=, (with 160/200, 8 behind the winners, Norfolk). The Seniors were 6th with 525/600, 26 behind the winners Northants. The Vets were 7th with 156/200, 24 behind the very impressive Suffolk vets on 180/200. Sadly we lacked a Juniors team. David Christensen would like to express his thanks to Mick Rollstone of Northants for the loan of a spectularly nice Krieghoff K-80 after his own gun broke half way through the contest. It was a most gentlemanly gesture to lend a competing-county shooter such a fine piece to continue with.

Thanks to Camtech for sponsoring the Cambridgeshire Skeet Doubles Championship - as well as the previous Sporting!

Skeet Doubles - Held at Lakenheath CTC on 26th July 2009. A gusting wind from behind the shooters pushed both the clays and the scores down, and made some nostalgic for last year's snowy weather (which although cold, at least provided a superb white background for seeing the clays!). Although we had double the number of Cambridgeshire shooters this year, we had less than half the number of scores abve 90. Indeed last year's lowest score of 87 would have been 9th out of 26 this year! All of which puts Chris Morris's superb 98 into perspective, dropping only the 94th and 95th targets - well done Chris! Brian Dunbavin took the Vets' on 94, Michele Conway the Ladies' with 90, and Taylor Hedgecock the Juniors' with 87.

18-19th July: From a shooting perspective, about all that could be said about the weather for the Cambridgeshire Sporting at Barrow Heath on the Saturday and Sunday, was that it least it wasn't as bad as the Friday which would have been unshootable. As it was, both days sufferred seriously gusty wind and bouts of rain, resulting in some depressed scores and some even more depressed shooters. In the end experience won out, with Barry Simpson retaining his title with a fine 88 (although beaten to the Les King Memorial Trophy by Suffolk's Colin Saich's 90). This also earned Barry the Veterans' Trophy. Jane Bell took the Ladies' on 74, Harry seal the Juniors' on 82 and Jake Moore the Colts' on 67. Full results on the Sporting results page.

21st June: Phil Barnard took the County Double Trap, Rod Gifford the Vets'.

Michele Conway(Ladies'), Kevin Flitton (Overall),
Rod Gifford (Vets'): 2009 County ZZ Champions.
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20th June: A fine on-going display of the county's ZZ talent saw Kevin Flitton take the County Championship with 14ex15 at A1 SG today. The veterans' title went to Rod Gifford after a shoot-off with Tony Randall, each initially on 12ex15, and the Ladies' title went to Michele Conway on 11, one ahead of Jane Bell.

16th June: Congratulations to Cambridgeshire's ZZ Champion, Jane Bell, for winning the Ladies Team Gold Medal at the ZZ World Championships in Ovar, Portugal last weekend. Jane, along with teammates Kate Grimes and Dionne Rogers, formed the GB Ladies Team which beat Italy by a four target margin.

14th June: The good weather continued - indeed almost got too good as people ran for the shade and the sunblock - for the All Round County Championship held at Northampton Shooting Ground. Held concurrently with the Beds Championship, there were a squads booked solidly through the day. In the end, Brian Dunbavin did another double of the County and Veterans' titles, with Sarah Christensen taking the Ladies. (in no small part due to her 22ex25 on the sporting), and Taylor Hedgecock the Juniors'. Full details, including scores and class winners, on the All Round page.

31st May: Glorious weather all weekend saw a good turnout for the County FITASC Championship held at Lakenheath on the 30th and 31st of May (extended to the Saturday to overcome a clash with an England selection shoot). Sarah Christensen retained her sadly-uncontested Ladies' Trophy, but it was all change for the other trophies: Brian Dunbavin took both the County and Veterans' titles with a fine 85, a single target clear of the defending Vets' champion Philip Simpson. Harry Seal's 80 in the Juniors' saw him romp home 4 targets clear of Phil Gray.

10th May: The champion of champions current state of play is now on the website.

STR Winners

STR Winners: Pietro Mastroeni (County Champion), His son (Mascot), Matt Bedford (B class),
Sarah Christensen (Ladies'), G Carter (C Class), Taylor Hedgecock (Colts').
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10th May: Glorious weather saw 45 Cambridgeshire shooters in a field of 53 at Country Pursuits Cambridge for the 2009 STR County Championships. Noteable as well was the presence of 4 ladies contesting the championship and 3 juniors/colts. In the end the County Title went to Pietro Mastroeni who shot an early 88 and was so convinced he was going to be bettered that he had to rush back to the ground for the trophy presentation! Veterans' Champion was Brian Dunbavin on 81, with Harry Seal taking Juniors' on 80, Taylor Hedgecock taking the Colts' trophy on 58, and Sarah Christensen taking the Ladies on 53. Full results here

ESK Winners

ESK Winners: Peter Cook (A), Chris Morris (AA), Michele Conway (Joint Champion, Ladies' Champion), Allan Wright (Joint Champion,
Vets' Champion, Max Keryney (Juniors'), Al Green (C Class))
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26th Apr: The English Skeet Cambridgeshire Championship took place at Lakenheath CTC. A close competition saw a welcome return of juniors (inc colts) to the county scene, with newcomer Max Kerney taking the Junior title on 88 in his first competition, and Taylor Hedgecock taking the colts also on 88. The Ladies' title was taken by Michele Conway and the Veterans' by Allan Wright, each on 99. Unfortunately ill-health prevented a shoot-off, so Michele and Allan agreed, with the approval of those County committee members who were present, to share the County Champion's title this year. AA went to Chris Morris, A to Peter Cook, B to Peter Maguire, and C to Al Green. The Bev Waller trophy - for the highest overall score on the day, regardless of county - was won by Adrian Jeffries with the only 100 straight of the day. Full details here.

29th Mar: The DTL and Single Barrel both took place today at Northampton SG. The clock change nearly caught a few shooters out, but some keen competition saw most of the trophies finding new homes. Also noticeable was the addition of Corbie Barnard to the Cambridgeshire shooting fraternity joining Phil and John to mean that three generations of the same family were in the same tournament (and took home two trophies). Click on the discipline names here for full details of DTL and Single Barrel.

SB Winner Chris Morris (L)

22nd Mar: The Universal Trench at Nuthampstead saw 13 Cambridgeshire shooters squeezing into a large field of 43, divided into 8 squads. Bright sunshine at the start soon deteriorated into alternating bright sunshine (when people generally hit targets) and dull cloudy spells (when they didn't). Those who could overcome this adversity won out, with George Waller not only taking the Juniors' trophy, but beating his father Pete's 87 by a single clay to take the overall County Championship with 88. Nick Evans took the Veterans' title, and Belinda York signalled a return to competitive county shooting by taking the Ladies' title with 84. Full details here.

21st Mar: The Olympic Skeet championship lived up to its reputation of scaring off all but the most dedicated shooters, with a mere 3 contenders for the title. In the end, Rod Gifford retained his title with a fine score of 84. Full details here.

25th Feb: We've got a FITASC date! Sunday 31st May at Lakenheath (telephone entries). We've also removed the D/R and STR clash by moving the D/R to 25th October, still at Northampton, and upped it to 100 birds.

13th Feb: The County Sportrap championship finally has a confirmed date of Sunday May 10th. Unfortunately this clashes with the double rise at Northampton, but we believe any shooters who wish to shoot both should be able to do so - but we recommend you book squads well in advance.

15th Feb: The website spring-clean continues, and your webmaster has noticed he hadn't uploaded the minutes from the November 2008 committee meeting - which are now here.