Individual Fixtures

All Sundays, 100 reg. birds unless otherwise stated. Please check with the ground to see if telephone entries are required. In particular for some disciplines (notably ESK and SKD) the number of layouts that will be used will depend on the number of telephone entries: this may limit the number of entries that can be taken on the day. So to avoid disappointment, book in by phone in advance!
Cambridgeshire 2009 Championships
A/R 14/06/2009 Northampton SG   Results
ABT 16/08/2009 Nuthampstead SG   Results
D/R 25/10/2009 Northampton SG 100bird non-reg. There will be 100DTL Reg at the ground on the same day. New Date Results
D/T 21/06/2009 Nuthampstead SG Nuthampstead. Results
DTL 29/03/2009 Northampton SG 100 DTL + 50 S/B Results
ESK 26/04/2009 Lakenheath CTC Telephone Entries Results
ESP 19/07/2009 Barrow Heath Squads on Saturday, turn up and shoot Sunday. With the Les King Memorial Shoot Results
FSP 31/05/2009 Lakenheath CTC Telephone Entries Results
OSK 21/03/2009 Northampton SG Saturday Results
OTR 01/11/2009 Nuthampstead SG New Date Results
S/B 29/03/2009 Northampton SG 100 DTL + 50 S/B Results
SKD 26/07/2009 Lakenheath CTC Telephone Entries Results
STR 10/05/2009 Country Pursuits Cambridge Telephone entries.
UTR 22/03/2009 Nuthampstead SG   Results
ZZ 20/06/2009 A1 SG Saturday. 15 Targets Results

In order to help ensure the smooth running of the championships, there will be a committee member in attendance at each championship, who will also be presenting trophies. Please contact that member if you have problems on the day, although please keep non-urgent enquiries until after the person has shot, if they are shooting that day - the committee are all volunteers and deserve to be allowed to enjoy their shooting un-distracted too!

East Midlands Regional Championships
A/R 19/07/2009 Northampton SG
ABT 29/03/2009 Nottingham & DGC
D/R 16/08/2009 High Tower SS&G
D/T 12/07/2009 Nuthampstead SG
DTL 12/04/2009 Nottingham & DGC
ESK 17/05/2009 Northampton SG


Grange Farm
FSP 29/03/2009 Lakenheath CTC
HbD 07/06/2009 Nottingham & DGC
OSK 12/07/2009 Northampton SG
OTR 19/04/2009 Nuthampstead SG
S/B 03/05/2009 High Tower SS&G
SKD 21/06/2009 Nottingham & DGC
STR 30/08/2009 Lakenheath CTC


NB Date Change

Nuthampstead SG

Results for the East Midlands fixtures will be on the CPSA East Midlands Site