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Cambridgeshire Team Clothing & Equipment

One of the few perks of representing your county is the right to buy some stylish and oh-so-desperately-elitist county team clothing embroidered with the county crest. For 2008 we have completely revamped what is available and how you can obtain it.

Cambridgeshire CPSA official term merchandise is being provided by Albie Fox,, and is available to anyone who has ever shot for Cambridgeshire in the regional or national intercounties. The county colour is Navy, and pretty much any item from their range that is available in Navy can be provided. The catalogue is here, but the most commonly requested items are Polo Shirts at £20.50, Sweat Shirts at £22.00 and Fleeces at £29.00. These prices include the "Cambridgeshire Shooting Team" lettering and crest, but P&P will be added per order. To place an order, or get prices of other items, contact Albie Fox direct via their website or on 01743 873123

Unfortunately caps are not available at present: stay tuned for updates on this!

The following people are entitled to purchase and wear Cambridgeshire clothing: if you believe your name should be on this list, please contact me with details of when you shot for Cambridgeshire and I will add your name. This list includes those selected for this year's team matches; if this is your first team appearance you should not wear any team gear before then.

Brittany Abbott
John Barnard
Phil Barnard
Jerry Barry
Jane Bell
Jim Bladen
Kristy Blakeborough
Tony Brazier
Andy Brignell
G Booth
D Brown
Leroy Buckland
Merv Canham
Mo Chapman
David Christensen
Sarah Christensen
Alan Clarke
Paul Clemence
Malcolm Collins
Michele Conway
Peter Cook
Brian Dunbavin
Nick Evans
Kevin Flitton
Rod Gifford
S George
Steve Grant
Phil Gray
Liz Green
Jamie Harding
R Harrison
Daniel Hudson
B Jacobs
Fran Jacobs
T Jones
N Kester
Tony Leonard
Janet Maguire
Peter Maguire
Steve Manchett
Pietro Mastroeni
Brian McClements
Chris Morris
Richard Morris
Anita North
Simon Peacock
Dave Peart-Smith
D Pettitt
Robbie Polson
Tony Randall
J Reynolds
Grace Rogerson
Percy Rollings
J Rutterford
Harry Seal
Mick Sheffield
M Sheldrake
Dave Shipman
Barry Simpson
PA Simpson
Stan Smith
GR Spalding
J Stevenson
A Strand
Alan Stronge
Gordon Tate
S Thexton
Julie Thomas-Morgan
George Waller
Pete Waller
Kim Wan
Jeanne Watson
Gordon Webster
John Webster
S White
Hazel Whiten
Steve Whitwell
Richard Wilson
Alan Wright