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2008 Committee Members

The Cambridgeshire CPSA is run by a committee of volunteers. This year's committee are:

Chair Michele Conway
Vice Chair Steve Grant (also trophy secretary)
Hon. Treasurer Bob Pitt
Hon. Secretary David Christensen (also webmaster)
Other members

Paul Ashley
Malcolm Collins
Angie Grant
Fran Jacobs
Pietro Mastroeni
Chris Morris

As a new departure for 2008 the committee minutes will now be published on this website. This is partly so that members can see what the committee is doing, and partly to encourage members to stand for the committee once they understand what the committee does.

Note that minutes are only draft minutes until approved at the next meeting. Also some elements of the minutes may be edited for reasons of privacy before publication on the website. Where this has been done it will be indicated and County members should contact a committee member should they wish to know details.

Click on the dates to see the minutes from: 12th Feb 08.

Minutes from 13th May 08.

Draft minutes from Nov 3rd 08

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