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2007 Fixtures/Results

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2007 Fixtures/Results
2006 Results
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Individual Fixtures 2007

Cambridgeshire Championships

All Sundays, 100 reg. birds unless otherwise stated. Please check with the ground to see if telephone entries are required

Date Discipline Ground Committee

March 18th

Universal Trench

Nuthampstead SG

MC Results

March 31st/
April 1st


Barrow Heath (map)
Telephone Entries Only Sat, or Turn up and Shoot Sun

PC/PM Results

May 5th (sat)

Olympic Skeet

Tythe Farm SG (map)


May 20th


Nuthampstead SG

PA Results

May 28th(mon)


Lakenheath CTC

PM Results

June 3rd

Single Barrel

High Tower SG (map)

DC Results

June 17th

Double Trap

Nuthampstead SG (150 birds)

SS Results

June 23rd (sat)

ZZ Helice

A1 SG (15 targets)

DC Results

July 8th


Country Pursuits

RP Results

July 15th

Double Rise

High Tower SG (80 birds) (map)

KB/DP-S Results

July 22nd

English Skeet

Lakenheath CTC

CM Results

July 29th

All Round

Northampton SG

DP-S Results

Aug 5th

Skeet Doubles

Lakenheath CTC

CM Results

Aug 26th


High Tower SG (map)

KB Results

Oct 14th

Olympic Trap

Nuthampstead SG

MC Results


In order to help ensure the smooth running of the championships, there will be a committee member in attendance at each championship, who will also be presenting trophies. Please contact that member if you have problems on the day, although please keep non-urgent enquiries until after the person has shot, if they are shooting that day - the committee are all volunteers and deserve to be allowed to enjoy their shooting un-distracted too!

East Midlands Regional Championships

Results for these fixtures will be on the CPSA East Midlands Site

Dates Discipline Venue
Mar 10th/11th Sportrap High Lodge SS
Mar 18th UT Nuthampstead SG
Apr 1st D.T.L. Nottingham & DGC
Apr 8th Sporting Grange Farm
Apr 9th (mon) A.B.T. Nottingham & DGC
Apr 22nd Single Barrel High Tower SG
May 7th (mon) All Round High Tower SG
May 20th English Skeet Northampton SG
June 9th (sat) Olympic Skeet Tythe Farm SG
June 17th Double Trap   150 reg Nuthampstead SG
July 1st Double Rise 80 reg High Tower SG
Aug 5th Skeet Doubles Lakenheath CTC
Oct 14th Olympic Trap Nuthampstead SG
Nov 3rd/4th FITASC Lakenheath CTC